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leaves have spots and are brittle help! (PICS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ganja master, Jan 21, 2008.

    ganja master

    ganja master Active Member

    ok so just to let you know im a complete newbie at growing and my plants are 15 days old and just went to water them and i noticed that the leaves were dry and brittle and 1 leave actually cracked when i touched it also there is dark spots on it and its only dry and brittle around the edges does any one know what this is please any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    Covert Active Member

    Well I had written out a really long list of things it could be but the site didnt post it. To summerize its prob too cold in your room at night or just in gerenal, warm thoses babies to about room temperature to prevent further damage. If thats not it then it could be i.) Leaves touching bulbs ii.) misting under the lights iii.) Too much chlorine in water

    katfishjohn Active Member

    Yeah better get it warmer in there for sure.. also looks like maybe they are a bit too wet. make sure you are letting them get some air and dry that mix out between waterings.. use the water sparingly at this stage.. they dont like thier feet to be sopping wet
    ganja master

    ganja master Active Member

    i don't think its because of temperature because it only happened to 2 of the 4 plants and the leaves aren't touching the bulbs i haven't misted them except once but that was after i posted the problem and im using bottled water(nestle pure life) so if you have anymore suggestions please let me know thanks in advance

    bigd921 Well-Known Member

    Hey I am also new but I had the exact same problem ph your water!!!!!! fixed my problem and if you are using nutes dont the plant is far too young just trying to help a feloow newbie learn from my mistakes

    Geist Active Member

    Takes some new pics and focus on the plants pls, Its really hard to see whats goin on ther. Oh and also take the foil down its not good for what your using it for. only thing i can mabe tell is it might b nuety burn, are u using nuets yet?

    daddychrisg Well-Known Member

    We need more info....
    What are you feeding them?
    Does you soil have added nutrients?
    Have you been PH testing your water?
    When you water, do you do this with the lights on? Did you spill water on them?
    What is the Temp. with the lights on?
    Why do you have more then one plant per pot? Do you have a plan for that?

    Covert Active Member

    Im still voting on the cold, for me it only hurt 1 out of 3 of my babies, every plant is an individual but yeah, more info would help pin point the problem.

    homegrownboy Well-Known Member

    All i have to say is your doing it all wrong

    Never grow more then 1 plant per pot.

    Never use tinfoil...it creates heat spots and will burn your plant, invest in some mylar it's the best and pretty cheap.

    What type of lights are you using?...and how many?

    Always PH your water, too low or too high will lock out proper nutrients the plant needs to grow.

    Get a thermometer, never let it get higher then 78 if possible, and never lower then 65 when lights are off...you want to have the plant in the best possible conditions for optimal growth.

    katfishjohn Active Member

    A plant of that age and size is not in need of nutrients too much.. they are able to grow and be healthy just using a very small amount of nutirnest which should be present in the potting mix. I myslef would also not be growing more than one plant per container. and also.. if you are hitting them with fert.. then stop it and wait till they need a boost. try and try again.. mistakes are your best teacher

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