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Leaves going yellow on 5th week of flowering .... is there a problem ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by rachsymes, Sep 3, 2013.


    rachsymes Member

    Hi, my 2 ladies are in the 5th week of flowering and the buds are growing nice BUT have noticed yellow leaves (crispy) on one plant and yellow spots appearing on the other. I don't want to mess with them too much as they have done well so far.

    DR Tent
    600w Dual spectrum Light (approx. 8inches from taller plant)
    5inch extraction fan with Rhino filter
    4inch intake fan cool air
    9inch oscilating fan
    Plant medium is Coco Canna
    Feed - Coco Canna A+B (40ml per 10 litres)
    Monster Bloom - 0.6gram per 2 litres)
    Feed once a day once tray has dried and soil drying.
    PH is 6.5 (don't know the ppm as no meter)
    Temp day - 30.0c night - 20.0c
    Humidity - approx. 25 - 38

    Few pics below to show what I mean, any help would be great guys......

    03-09-13 (5).jpg 03-09-13 (4).jpg 03-09-13 (2).jpg 03-09-13 (1).jpg 03-09-13 (3).jpg 03-09-13 (6).jpg
    Fenian Brotherhood

    Fenian Brotherhood Well-Known Member

    Eh.. They're just leaves.

    You're growing Bud now. No need to grow leaves... SOME peeps around here like to color their yellow leaves with green sharpie LOL!

    Don't worry about it. Keep feeding, Love your Rewards

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    The leaves are green enough to produce good wieght.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Remember the more green leaves you have at the finish the heavier and stronger the harvest will be.

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