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Leaves are turning upside down.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Turkish, Nov 8, 2007.


    Turkish Active Member

    My plants are 3 weeks old (feminized jock horror), I'm growing under 400w hps, in soil, no ventilation and on 18/6. I'm growing in quite a big closet and I always keep the doors open when the light is on. The lamp is at least 40 inches away from the plants.

    The problem is that one of the plants turns her leaves upside down at the evenings. 2 other girls won't. I don't know if this is really a problem but I thought that maybe it is.

    So does anyone know what's causing it?

    If you guys need pics I can get them.

    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    $0 inches sounds too far IMO, are the plants stretched. I understand the heat issue but at 40 inches you might as well use floros, you are not getting any lumens from a 400 watt HPS 40 inches away.

    Maybe 18inches, see how that works and go from there.

    LocalStoner Active Member

    I posted the same question about a month or so ago. The response was not to worry about it. It's weird...only one fan leaf will do it. All the others stay normal. The next day it's back to normal. Although I don't know why leaves to this (I think it has to do with heat/ventilation myself) I know it has no effect on the plant itself. Secondly, 40 inches is quite a long way away, even if the plants were only seedlings. Move the light closer (plants can take more radiant heat), about 24 inches away. The next day if the edges of the leaves turn upward then it's heat stress. If they are ok then move the light closer until about 12 inches away. Consider placing a small fan in the closet...especially if you have the door open.

    Hope this helps.

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    I say get your light a bit closer, try 8 inches away if it has a cooling cover. I would try to get an osculating fan in there too for circulation.

    Weedhound Well-Known Member

    It does make me wonder about room temps.....are the leaves turning over to try and cool off?

    The other is the lamp being too FAR away...causing weak stems etc...

    Both these were already mentioned.....I just said them again to look smart. :D

    Turkish Active Member

    It's about 278 degrees celsius in the closet.

    I'll try to move the lamp closer. Alltho theyr growing pretty well right now but thanks.

    JescoRamone Active Member

    Hmm... That's a bit warm for anything but baking a cake. Try lowering your temp by around 255 degrees Celsius.

    Weedhound Well-Known Member

    I'd be turning my leaves over at that temp as well.....:mrgreen: :peace:

    Turkish Active Member

    What I meant was 27 degrees :P

    chief-menebudz187 Active Member

    this sounds interesting, but I just cant picture it. Could u post up a pic of the closet?

    p.s. I smell burning...weed brownie ready?

    chief-menebudz187 Active Member

    remember that if the lamp is properly ventilated you should 1) never have to open your closet door and 2) you should be able to keep ur girls as much as a foot a way from your light.

    sourkraut Active Member

    I have the same problem.
    I have 300Watts (3x100W) in 75cm² with two computer fans circulating the air. One on the top pulling air out and one on the bottom pushing air in. It can get to 40°C in there but that is only at midday.
    But for some reason one of the plants, the largest, turns her fan leaves over for a few hours and does not turn them back over till the light has been off for a few hours. I am not too sure when she turns them back over because I am asleep.
    It has happened twice. Once all the big fan leaves went on strike and turned over and yesterday only one turned over. Today they are all back on the job.
    Not too worried about it any more, but I am just interested in know what would cause this to happen. I have never seen anything like that in nature.
    It only takes the plant about 4-5min to turn the leaf 180° degrees too. I thought that was amazing.

    Cheers, and happy growing

    ethabhae Well-Known Member

    foruma uğramaz olmuşun, ne o çözdün mü yoksa işleri :)

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