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Leaves are curling or "tacoing" 3 week old seedlings

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Scriabin, Nov 18, 2010.


    Scriabin Member

    Hey everyone.

    I have been working on curing my first grow that started from seed. My girls are 3 weeks old and have gone through a learning experience together.

    Here is my set up.

    watering every hour for 3 , 1 minute sessions
    IMG_4047.jpg IMG_4048.jpg IMG_4049.jpg

    Ph 5.8
    24/7 lighting
    Res Temp 63
    Root zone temp 72
    T5 432 8 light system; 5 inches from plant tops
    Temp at plant tops 84
    1500 co2

    I cannot seem to figure out what to do to cure them of the leaf curling/tacoing. I have moved lights up and down and seem not to see a change either way.

    I have flushed the res.

    I have lowered/raised the ppms.

    I have 3 ph meter to make sure we are perfect

    I use RO water with less than 13 ppm

    I have no algae or smells

    I have played around with water schedules and have seen no change either way.

    I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

  2. did you soak the hydroton before you used it to clean and rinse it off?

    Scriabin Member

    Yes, of course. I washed that dirty stuff for almost 2 hours and then washed it some more. Plus the hydrotron is around the rockwool cube

    notpatient Well-Known Member

    not sure but 24/7 might be a bit much for the lil' guys,,, everything needs some rest esp. just starting off and I myself like to keep lower temps

    Scriabin Member

    Thank you for the info. I just lowered down the room to 76 and the ph to 5.6. I think it was a mixture of issues. My light is the right height right?

    When do you recommend putting them under a 1000w MH?

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    Nobody wants to say over watering? Its pretty visually obvious to me that that's the problem. Try cutting it to just 1 minute every hour and see if it improves

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    the rockwool will never dry out enough. with 3, 1minute intervals every hour 24/7 way to much water

    Scriabin Member

    Would 1 min/hour be sufficient? My rockwool cube is only a starter cube does that mean anything?

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    well if you want you can just step it back slowly to see if the perk up some, but rockwool holds water pretty well and I really think that might be your issue. roots need oxygen at the root zone to perform proper transpiration. If a plant cant transpire water it can't take in nutrients either and you get what looks like a deficiency. Wait till the leaves reach up then water ;)

    Scriabin Member

    OK, Thank you. I just backed off the watering fore the night I will see if it helps in the morning. Otherwise my plants look healthy right?

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    Hey no problem, they look healthy enough to become very healthy very soon. the slight yellowing in the bottom leaves should green back out after everything is flowing right with them.

    Scriabin Member

    Awesome, thank you.

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome how are they looking today?

    howhighru Well-Known Member

    when i used my T5 for veggin my babies i had them about 1-2 inches from the tops of them..

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