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leaves are burnt and really yellow..have pics, need help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Snicklefritz, Jul 29, 2009.


    Snicklefritz Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I have had yellowing leaves and a handful of burnt leaves in a few of my plants. I put 30ml of flora nova grow in my 40 gallon res. the ppm read 400 the first day at week one. every day after it was at 1000-1100ppm. the plants started yellowing a bit and 5 started burning, but many of them seemed fine.

    on sunday was the end of week 2, I changed out my reservoirs for 80 gallon tanks. and flushed the tables for a day with just water. my friend(owner of the house) got caught up and i couldnt go add nutes to the res for 2 days. so the plants were on water alone for 3 days. when i got there today, the plants ALL have yellowing. a lot, actually. and maybe 15 of them have burnt and crispy leaves. Im assuming its from not having nutes? I added 15ml per 80 gallons of flora nova grow, the meter read 400ppm and it held steady all day after flooding the table a few times. I will work up higher if they want more.

    quick rundown of my setup.

    Mandala seeds Satori strain 3 weeks old

    4 tables 4x5ft each w/ 20 plants in 3 gallon buckets.
    4 HPS 1000watt lamps, with DIY air cooled hoods. 18/6
    Flora nova grow, bloom.
    Temps are average of 80-83 light on. 77 lights off.
    Just installed a 19,000 btu Split system A/C and will drop temps tomorrow.

    here are some pics i took of the yellow plants, some burnt and one that is growing one sided. sorry for the bad quality the HPS lights really throw off my camera.


    the lighting makes them look orangy but they are yellow. and some have burnt up. I have replacements in a cloning chamber that were left over from the 100 i grew so i can replace the damaged ones if they dont recover.

    Snicklefritz Well-Known Member

    bump, anyone? helpppppppppppp

    mambokabui Well-Known Member

    Im not gonna read your whole post its simple

    Make sure water is right
    If lights are to close move them
    if you are using nutes stop
    as I said in another post plants grow fine without nutes... we give them nutes to turn them into Incredible Hulks.

    Snicklefritz Well-Known Member

    Im very thankful for your response but your post didnt help. When they were just on tap water they got a lot worse. the plants that were burned were replaced with fresh green plants and those too are burnt. i dont see how that could happen with no nutes. thats why i asked..

    my lights are 17 inches from my plants. there is no heat under my hoods.

    my water was sitting for 24 hours. before hand and my county doesnt have chloramines in its water. only chlorine which hasnt caused a problem for me in the past.

    do plants turn yellow or burn from chlorine?

    TVMASDL Active Member

    Plans can burn a bit from chlorine yes.

    Yellow plants, usually = lack of chlorophyll, which generally = lack of nitrogen.

    Keep running them some diluted nutes high in nitrogen and they may perk up.

    That's just my guess though, good luck. :hump:

    Snicklefritz Well-Known Member

    ok i called my water company today! they do use chloramines in the water. i let it sit for a day but maybe its the chloramine that is doing this?

    I've used water that sat for a day before without any problems..not sure why this is happening now.

    Snicklefritz Well-Known Member

    btw, I just bought nitrogen supplements for my grow. I will add more N to my nute mixture and see if they perk up. thanks for the replies so far!

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    try different solutions on different plants.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    don't use nutes on your plants yet. If you don't know the ph of your water it could be a ph a issue too, get one so you adjust your ph down to proper levels. Leave the nutes for at least another week man.

    Snicklefritz Well-Known Member

    hey guys, thanks for the replies! I bought an organic Nitrogen solution that i used at lower levels than recommended and the plants seemed to react very well. the veins on the plants were turning green within minutes of the first flood. I also foliar fed the solution in water. I will check on them in a few hours to see if there is more improvement.

    Cowell, i thought it was a PH issue too but i recalibrated my meter a few days ago and continue to keep the PH in check. It doesnt seem to be that. I hope the N feeding fixes this problem. I hate to see my babies like this.

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