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Leaf tips curling down

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by yousername, Apr 21, 2012.


    yousername New Member

    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Overwatering. Let your medium dry out.

    Water less.

    More perlite next time.

    eurasianfarmer Active Member

    If the same issue occurs in DWC or RDWC it cant be over or under watering as the roots bathe in highly oxygenated water 24/7.

    my first guess wud be humidity maybe slightly low....

    second guess wud be air temp slightly off the plants preferred temp/s explaining why some wud and others wud not show curled tips.

    but i know what u mean about getting a bunch of waffle from a bunch of wafflers.

    unfortunately, your dislike of forums is going to work against u greatly.

    look upon the task as seperating wheat from chaff. or hunting for needles in haystacks. a pain in the vag but worth it in the long run.

    there are slivers of gold hidden amongst a million pointless posts on just about every site.

    best of luck, chin up, etc
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    sneed123 Member

    Let them dry out a bit next time.... Probly too wet with your swett worries.

    Randm Active Member

    Looking at the picture you posted the plant looks healthy in every other respect. The leaf curl is a small issue that I would keep an eye on but not panic over. I have some strains that seem to do this more than others. I believe that the leaves are trying to 'protect' themselves from either loosing moisture or from temps by curling. Thats just my opinion though. From what I have noticed in mine is that it seems to occur in the sativa dominant strains more than the indicas. Probebly due to the narrower leaf structure being more sensitive to drying out. Again, just my opinion.
    If it gets really bad, then look at such things as room temperatures, especially hot spots. I place several thermometers around the room at plant level so as to get a handle on that. Humidity can be an issue, and as I have plenty of good air circulation I don't worry too much about it. Fans blowing directly on the plant can suck moisture from the leaves, could this be what is going on with your setup?
    As an experiment, try spraying the affected plants with a light misting severasl times and see if the leaves start to straighten out.
    I have also noticed that some bug treatments cause the leaves to try and curl up, not sure why. Have you recently applied some kind of bug spray?

    Like I said, the plant looks healthy and happy except for the curl. Don't get in a panic about it. have a good look at the enviroment , humidity, temps, distance from lights, etc. and if everything looks ok, then smoke a bowl and relax.
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    Yurboyb Member

    Ha ha ha ha. Welcome to growing pot dude. It's not as easy as everyone thinks.

    NyQuilkush318 Well-Known Member

    nice plant just add some more perlite

    Mikeycangrowweed New Member

    Hello, I can offer some constructive information on this issue. Some people in here are pompous and don't care. Worst thing I hate to see is a bro or sis lose a plant! Its like losing a pet man. I grow outdoors mostly. Inside is ok but more variables to mess with. You have roots that are alive but taking on to much water. This will cause the eagle claw. That is what you have brother. NO NUTE DIFF!!!!!!! I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station Texas. I was a studying mechanical engineering. My roommate was at the botany department getting his masters in horticulture science. A&M stands for Agriculture and Mechanical. So I saw my roommate grow a marijuana plant inside that was 12 foot tall. And it was done in a semester and a half. Our frat house had a 17 foot ceiling. Anyway Let the water dry up a little. Do not get the fan leaves wet if you do wipe the off. You will basically suffocate and burn them. It is easy to grow and allot of people are apprehensive and don't take advise. I use organic nutes I do not use chemicals. If ANYONE out there saw what I saw you would change over to organic. I can hook you up if needed. But that is next grow.
    Rule 1: Its a weed don't over complicate things. I have seen a plant driven over and live. My bad there.
    Rule 2: First month of growth. 24 hours light.
    Rule 3: Second Month grow 18 light 6 night (dark) week 7 Switch to budding nutes and give them total darkness for 56 hours at the end of that 30 day cycle. Another thing to say is Depending on size of plant meaning are you topping them? Are you super cropping them? This is another type of variable that can do great or fail miserably. OVER Topping will stunt overall growth (proven theory) sorry to all those who do this. I get bigger stickier buds by not super cropping to be honest its mostly hype. Some strains respond different to trauma than others and that's their physical difference. PURE KUSH is the beast of strains. NO HYBRIDS FUCK HYBRIDS ITS A YUPPIE THING. LIKE OWNING A PORSCHE!
    Rule 4: Third month 12 light 12 dark spectrum BUD MODE!!!!!!!! Keep a good eye on the triclones (Trykes) and wait till they look cloudy and maybe a hint of amber. I grow for 3 dispensary's so I hope this helps. A weed can grow on its own just remember all it needs is a helping hand brother. I love growing outdoors I am a believer that if god wanted you to grow indoors he would have given you the indoor light. I grow in the mountains and in Oct it cools significantly and the turn light purple and have a THC content of 24% to 27%. Got questions hit me up. Later

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    SweetHayz Active Member

    I've read so many stupid comments so i decided to post one myself. Blah blah, Blah blah blah!

    P.S Blah Blah <3

    unwine99 Well-Known Member

    That was way less stupid than comment before yours. You're not trying hard enough.
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    sangmang New Member

    So what ended up happening? I have a similar issue and I feel like it's no big deal, just curious what happened with your plant. Thanks!

    ButchyBoy Well-Known Member

    The first two answers he got where correct. The soil was staying wet too long and the leafs are loaded up with water.
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    Indagrow Well-Known Member

    Also he was yelling at his plants and giving them the stink eye

    jimmy311 Well-Known Member

    Hey bro..good info..Texas huh..pm me ASAP ty

    Damosupramo New Member

    I have had this issue before. I grow hydroponics in a small tent in my basement. There is a fresh air intake for the furnace and with my ventilation system exhausting outside, the negative pressure draws cold air into the tent at an alarming rate. Although the temp was fine during the day, at night the cool air would stress my plants. I think this is what caused my curling leaves, because I moved the tent farther away, and it went away within 2 days.

    I don't know if this is your issue but maybe.
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    jimmy311 Well-Known Member

    Some strains like different temps..I got diff strains going one plant always curling but others not..growing good tho .so it may be just the genetics
  17. Looks like overwatering. Add more perlite.
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  18. Listen to MikeyCanGrowWeed....dude knows his shit.
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    jimmy311 Well-Known Member

    Bro what if I'm in hydro(Aero/RDWC) only one blue berry strain does it..others don't..I'll cut back watering to test ur theory tho

    jimmy311 Well-Known Member

    Or water less..lol

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