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Leaf Tips Burning and Curling Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Comacus, Feb 23, 2013.


    Comacus Member

    Leaf Tip Burn and Curl.jpg Tip Burn and Curl.jpg

    I had this plant in a 1 gallon pot. I had severe claw and tip burning because I think I was using too strong of Flora Nova. I also noticed new growth tips were burning and curling up.

    I flushed, and repotted into a 5 gallon pot one month ago into plain Victory potting soil. I have not been giving the plant any additional fertilizer.

    My temps get up to 85 degrees F, and my soil PH is 7.0.

    I am still getting burning of the new growth, and the leaves are curling up. Any ideas on what is causing this?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Nitrogen overdose. What did you transplant into? The sharks toothing is a second sign for N.

    B166ER420 Well-Known Member

    Lay off the nutes.....use straight water....wait a couple days between waterings .......What kind of soil?You say 85 degrees?Where is your thermometer?it could be hotter at the plants.GL.peace

    DrKingGreen Well-Known Member

    I have had a plant toothing down since it was 2 weeks old and is now almost 8. It's not severe, been growing quicker than the others, and all leaves dont do it. Just wondering if the teeth going up vs down is a different problem or still typically N excess

    Comacus Member

    I am using straight Victory Brand Superior Garden Soil without adding any nutes for over 1 month already. After repotting it into the 5 gallon pot I have not used any addtional nutes.


    My Thermometer is about 4' up off the floor which is above my 8 bulb T5 about 2' I will move the thermometer down by the plant tips to see what it is there.

    B166ER420 Well-Known Member

    Sorry man, i just reread your original post....duhh!Victory....since you've repotted a month ago,been using straight water since.......I would agree N overdose,maybe that soil with floranova( veg?)=overdose........now as far as it still doing it, you got me:)....... maybe your temps have something to do with it
    personal lux

    personal lux Well-Known Member

    nitrogen overdose your case isnt as extreme as ive seen though. transpanting and flushing with twice the container size should clear it up and you can go back to nutrients. just from the look of it your bud is airy a sign of heat exposure so maybe looking into placing the fan blowing over the tops of plants or raising the light, or an exhaust. seems like a few problems. likely over fert from high temperatures water evaporting to quickly and salt residue left in the root zone. also helps a lot to do rinse of the same size as your contiainer before flowering in my opinion. goodluck and good growing

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