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Leaf tips brown, falling off: what is it?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by eaturveggies, Sep 19, 2013.


    eaturveggies Member

    Here is the plant.


    Here are the leaves. Don't look very much like any of the problem pics I've seen so far. They are browning/yellowing in the underside of the plant and falling off at a pretty decent rate. Clipped these from 1 plant today.


    Feeding it 1.5 tsp/gal big bloom, 1 tsp/gal grow big, 1 tsp/gal tiger bloom. It is 7 weeks NL+autoflower.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    The tip burn I see in picture one means your feeding a slight bit heavy i'm not familiar with that nute line but pretty sure you should stop the grow big and make sure you are adding in Cal/Mg and micros...how often are you feeding?

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    what's your Soil pH?
    Have you done any flush? "Sledge Hammer" :)
    I see Your feeding 1/2 strength.

    eaturveggies Member

    Good to know...I thought they might not be getting enough N since the leaves are yellowing and falling off. Still a noob I guess :)

    Watering with nutes 2x/week and without nutes 1x/week. The runoff pH is 5.6-5.7. Are there some go-to cal/mag/micro supplements?

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    i usually use an entire nute line by one company to take some of the guess work out, going to try a supersoil next time maybe but you can buy a bottle of cal/mg from many different companies and it says just that on the bottle..for anything else missing maybe someone can suggest something good to use...usually their is enough nitrogen for the plant in the rest of the nutes you use for flowering but if after a week your not seeing any new tip burn and your feeding the plant everything else but your still turning yellow then ya it may need a small boost of nitrogen...also near to the end of flower it will start to yellow and turn colors thats normal and its just kind of..well, dying

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    btw..some leaves will naturally fall off and turn colors toward the bottom..thats ok, you may not have had a problem and thought you did and just hit it way too much trying to fix your non existent problem, which will then lead to the dying leaves actually looking like it is a problem lol...so definitely lighten up on the nutes just water for a week and make sure your giving it an all around diet by the next feeding
    Pop The Trunk

    Pop The Trunk Member

    Looks like you are already using Big Bloom which is your micro base nute. Remember you are growing an Autoflower they don't require nearly has many nutes as a photo plant will. My La Dive Auto grew nice and green till harvest just using Ocean Forest soil and nothing else.

    NightRiderCO Member


    MYOB Well-Known Member

    You are not over feeding them. They are deficient in cal-mag. Are you using RO water or "soft" tap water?

    eaturveggies Member

    Thanks for the tips guys.

    MYOB: yes, I do have very soft tap water.

    eaturveggies Member

    The problem is getting worse, the tips are dying and curling up. It used to be just the lower/middle leaves, but it is now reaching the tops. I only fed them once at 1/4 strength this week and twice flushed with plain pHd water. I got the CaMg+ as well as some gnatrol since there are more and more fungus gnats hanging around the plants.

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    PeaceGrow Member

    CAL MAG 12-15 bucks at your local grow store GET ASAP good luck
    Indoor Sun King

    Indoor Sun King Well-Known Member

    it's not that bad...how many more weeks do you think you have until harvest?

    I have learnt that having brown tips is not really anything to worry about, it's saying you got the pedal to the metal but no need to back off nutes.

    In your case you have some leaves going yellow and brown tipped....this can happen near harvest

    I had a similar situation, the leaves look ugly but the bud is doing just fine....just hang in there and next grow will be better if you use cal-mag from the start (IMHO)

    Bottom line...she looks decent, don't sweat it

    eaturveggies Member

    I dunno how much time is left. A small portion of the pistils are starting to brown, though.

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