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Leaf tips brown and Curling up n shriveled Please help!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by rebs420, Dec 15, 2012.


    rebs420 Member

    hi guys im growing sum ak-47 and the soil im using is fox farm ocean forest, and i got a few concerns about my plant, some of the older leave tips are begging to turn brown even on the new Leaf growth, i havent gave ANY ferts to my plant other than whats in FFOF soil i dont know what could be the issue could it be nute burn from the soil? i watered her on the 1st and the ph meter for the soil keeps tellin me that the soil is wet. can anyone help me out with my issue ill post some pics soon,

    the only issue for me is the tips are brown n are going shriveled!!! i dont want my baby to die shes aboout 5-6 weeks into vegg

    thanks again!

    Topez Member

    My bad, i re-read your post. Do you ph your water? Ocean forest contains quite alot of nutes you might want to flush her, if your not nuteing.

    DaBong Well-Known Member

    Hard to diagnose without pics. Possibly over watering her? Only water when the pot feels light when you pick it up.

    rebs420 Member

    Overwatering lol no man thats not my problem, my tips of the leaves are brown idk how to describe it more i cant get to a pic at work rite now, any Other ides i kno for a fact im not Overwatering lolol.

    JtotheC Member

    I have this with my autos and i think it is nute burn. do not flush before soil is dry enough though

    Robertappleton Member

    nute burn will tend to affect the plant from the botton first and work its way up the plant.. and you also get brown spotting of these leaves if it is really bad.. aswell if you do ph the water which i dont btw a friend of mine encountered problems when they put to much ph down in there feed so they added ph up to it... Cant be 100% sure if it was the cause to there problem but if you ph your water to much rather than rectifiyng it with the ph reverse, you may find it better to just start again

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