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leaf curl ??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by limoman, Jul 24, 2007.


    limoman Active Member

    Just changed from veg. cycle to flowering . Everything looked great untill 12 hours later and the top leaves are curling and not reaching for the lite . The plants are 14 inchs and the lite ( sodium ) is about 8 inchs away . Could they be burning ? It's a 400 watt bulb.:cry:

    Schmidty Asshole Patrol


    I'm having the same issue with mine. The plant is 10 weeks old, one week into flowering (12/12 schedule with a 400w hps), and the upper tier leaves are slightly curling under. Its in a 5gal pot, MG organic soil (which I do not recommend!! Comes fresh with gnat eggs and your very own shroom spores...), I water only when the upper inch of the soil is dry. Leaves are all still very green, but a few look slightly wilted along with the curling.

    I'll have to snap a few shots when I get home... but was hoping someone might have a little insight before then.

    Schmidty Asshole Patrol

    Ok, so I think this is all due to a Phospherous deff... I still dont have pics. The cell phone is just too shitty, so its not even worth it, and my digital camera is about two steps behind my treo. Sorry.

    Does anyone know if Bone Meal is a suitable way to treat P deff in these plants?

    Kratose Well-Known Member

    I would have to see pics, But if our using nutes, that might be telling you to lay off the nutes abit, I notice that's a sign of a plant telling me that. So if you are using nutes, lay off for abit, the plant can begin to try healing itself. And hopefully it will be alright.

    I would like to see a pic, then I could have a better idea of exactly what it is. They are curling underneath right? do the leafts feel normal or crispy?

    I hope you find the problem

    Kratose Well-Known Member

    In your chase, it could be a burn from the lighting source. But I would need to see pics. I have a 250W HPS and that goes about a 8 inches or more away from the top of the biggest plant. What type of bulb is it? Is it HID lighting?

    lilmafia513 Well-Known Member

    light is way to close, unless you have it cooltubed?

    Damn where did you find this thread Kratose? LOL!!!!

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    keep in mind it is normal during early flowering for the new growths to wilt as the day winds down and through the night and pick back up in the am.

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