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Leaf curl at week 5!!! HELP Looks like it might die...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Grow2k13, Feb 3, 2013.


    Grow2k13 Member

    DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0003.jpg DSC_0004.jpg

    I have read the sticky on deficiencies, over watering, under watering. I looked at the picture graph that has all the leaves and their respective problems/ state of problem. i'm having huge trouble identifying my issue. I can assure you it isn't a lack of water as it has rained here for the last 4 days with temps around 20 degrees celsius. Today is partly Sunny at around 24 degrees celsius and the leaves I noticed this morning were curled upwards and looking dis-coloured. Not as healthy green as usual, slightly yellowed if anything. Getting worse by the hour!!!

    What's going on? It has been so healthy until now. Any advice or diagnosis greatly appreciated as i have no idea.

    m420p Active Member

    .............. double post

    m420p Active Member

    hmmm... maybe a humidity problem? If your soil is wet and it get's warm it can evaporate and collect on the plant since they are so close to the soil. If not, check out P deficiency but I doubt it since it looks like your leaves are curling up and not down. Heres another deficiency help link:

    cedders Member

    The soil look pretty damp, have you made some drain hole?

    Grow2k13 Member

    I have added today a dozen or so extra holes for drainage as I thought that may have been the issue. Reading up on that link that "M420P" dropped (thank you) the only thing that sounds accurate is a Boron deficiency....

    Still majorly confused... it was overnight like someone sprayed weed killer on it.
    Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander Supertramp Well-Known Member

    Looks like they are water logged in suspect medium. You may have a dichotomy of things going on.

    m420p Active Member

    Honestly, It looks like the exact same thing happened to me. One day no problems, I moved my heater to heat my res. cause I do hydro and it gets cold when my lights off. There is a space in my res that is covered but I believe by moving that heater to heat the res. I was evaporating more water from the res. and the leaves that were right above where the water vapor would escape looked similar to yours the very next day. Like previously mentioned, you could have a couple problems. I think part of your problem could also be over watering which usually looks a little different but if you have other problems like the humidity factor, your could just not notice. Heres the pics of what happened to me:


    Grow2k13 Member

    This would make a lot of sense as the soil was very wet from previous days of rain and the sun in the southern hemisphere is very strong at times. It got direct sun this morning and continues to get direct sun as we speak. There would be a lot of humidity and moisture leaving the medium. I don't want to take it out of the sun though because I need it to dry out!

    Grow2k13 Member

    UPDATE: It got poisoned... (I think I know who). Dead and crispy in 18 hours!!! It was completely healthy last night. They don't just die like that, they will get progressively worse over a week or so from anything else. Really sucks, was my first ever grow... Was enjoying that little friend growing. INTERROGATION TIME...

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    No i dont think it was "poisoned" in some sort of conspiracy. The reason its dead is because you snapped the main trunk at the base.

    m420p Active Member

    Ya, that would make sense, I was going to ask him what kind of weed he was smoking with that kind of paranoia, not that I want it.

    Grow2k13 Member

    It is not snapped at the base.... I would know if I'd done that. It had been LST trained for 2 weeks prior to this. By the way my brother did poison it! He threatened to do it and I never thought he would actually do it. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt during the death until I realised there was no other solution.

    Thanks for the friendly welcome to Rollitup by the way! Obviously full of smart ass idiots who speak before they think whilst attempting to poke fun at others.. I'll be sure to hang around here.


    That's a "not" joke... Did you see that? Just a little "not" joke.

    Now get fucked.

    arron5377 Well-Known Member

    well dont ask for advice then u gimp u didnt state that it was lst so they seen a bend in steam and assumed a break (trying to be helpfull) if u would post a propper help form people would know exactly what u have done and what not!

    now YOU get fucked! gimp!

    m420p Active Member

    Dude, chill, it was a joke... I take it back, I don't want whatever your smoking... see, that was another joke. We were legitimately trying to help you. All you had to do is nicely tell us how your have been suspecting your brother. Not tell us to F off. It's obvious you must be a teenager or have anger problems because to blow up over what was just said by people trying to help... is immature and dumbfounding...

    ShotgunWally Member

    my , my , my, do he have a long road ahead of him, please consider anger management therapy, ol hippy Shotgun, by the way i luv this site peace

    Grow2k13 Member

    To act like that towards a new person in a community in the first place without taking it easy and pointing them in the right direction or asking a clarifying question is the wrong culture. Life's too short to hang around with people who aren't genuine. For the record I have a wonderful group of friends and I couldn't be happier. Aged 23. I'll go and find like minded people elsewhere.


    m420p Active Member

    Read all of my comments without thinking that I'm trying to be an asshole because I legitimately wasn't, and for your information, some strong strains give a person paranoia, which is why I wouldn't want it, don't like paranoia strains, that is what my joke was referring to so you could look at that joke as a compliment. I don't agree with the tone of the poster that posted after me but he made some good points. I could care less about your age or your friends. I highly doubt you are a happy person though judging how angry you got for close to nothing. Imagine how that conversation would have went if you would have said something like this:

    "Ha, No the stem didn't break, I pulled it up and there was no breakage and roots were intact. I was always suspecting my brother and have been watching him lately. There's a possibility it was something I done but I'm about 90% positive he poisoned it."

    Possible response from poster who posted comment you completely blew up on:
    " That's weird. why would your brother want to poison it and if he did I'm interested in what he used. Not that I want to kill anyone's plants or anything..."

    Take this as a Forum, no, a life lesson, if you don't agree with someone, don't resort to immature name calling and either ignore them or if you respond, look at it as more of a discussion than a argument. Respond with maturity and respect for the person your responding to. Your 23 so you'll learn in time. good luck to ya.

    indiapale Member

    Maybe you should ask your wonderful group of friends what's wrong with your crappy plant next time. You should probably stay on Facebook with your like minded people.

    Amysd Active Member

    water logged

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