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Late flower hermie's

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 420101, Mar 26, 2007.


    420101 Well-Known Member

    i'm into week 5 now of endless sky. i've noticed that a few of my plants have gone hermie :roll: now from wat i now this strain is 42-45 days.........so i guess the best thing to do is just start leeching? :peace: any help be grand!

    420101 Well-Known Member

    oh btw i have dutch master feminizer but its a cpl years old and dunno if it be healthy to use this close to harvest

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    How do you know that it will finish in 45 days?

    If you have both sexes on 1 plant at Day 30, then you have a true hermie, and you should remove it. You don't want to continue flowering it, and you don't want to grow that lineage again, so toss it now.

    HTH :mrgreen:
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    northerntights Well-Known Member

    if it's only one or two male flowers on a predominently female plant go ahead and use the feminizer... but after a couple of years the ethelene in that would have degraded so it won't do much. Go ahead and buy dutchmaster reverse and penetrator and give it a good spray down, it couldn't hurt and it will preserve your current crop. If you want to spend less get sensa-spray but it can cause some wilting for a day or two. As for genetics, yeh don't make clones because you don't want these traits to be passed down.
    Make sure to cut off those male flowers!

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    my shiva hermie starts flowering after 2.5 weeks by week 5 the stem has a few male flowers you can get these however in its tight buds these flowers will cause seeds resulting in small usually non viable seeds . if it can pollenate early enough you will get good ones. from developement of flower to pollen production happens rapidly 5-11 days

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i've come across A LOT of hermie clones. the male flowers usually show in the last few weeks. i might get 1 seed next to the flower. i let them go. not been a problem yet. these are just 1 or 2 small flowers, not whole pods.

    420101 Well-Known Member

    wow there alot of info........thanx guys much appreciated....the reason i think they be done flower in 45 days is i looked the strain up and thats wat they claimed......i'm in week4-5 and there starting to get pretty red already and seems quickly spreading to red lol thanx again peace out

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