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Last week of flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jonask, Aug 10, 2008.


    jonask Well-Known Member

    hi everyone,

    i have a question about watering the plants in the last week of flowering?
    my concern is the salts residues that possibly may be in the soil

    first of all i never flushed this grow!

    it's week 8 and I already stopped the nutes feeding, now I'm just giving them RO water normally has i would in feeding.
    From what i read it's best to give 1 to 2 weeks of 'flushing' so the question is... can i harvest in 10 days (which is a bit more than a week)
    if in the last waterings i gave them a bit more of water kinda like a 'mini-flush' or should i just wait one more week sticking to the original plan
    (harvest in 10 weeks) assuming of course that the plants have ripen


    this is just for show of :lol: :weed: :lol:
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    jonask Well-Known Member

    am i posting in the wrong place! should I post instead in harvesting & curing


    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    This one should be fine. I would definitely perform the flush ASAP. The 10 days should do fine. Alternatively you could flush with Clearex, which only takes 3-4 days.

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    anywhere from 7-21 days will be just fine for a good flush bro

    blinkykush Well-Known Member

    you can even give it some molassis during the flush...wont hurt it.

    jonask Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone for replys

    concerning Clearex, finalflush all this kind of products i prefer not to use them! dunno why! just dont feel like using them ... :lol:

    about the molasses... i read so many threads about it, that my final conclusion is that is not worth it, actually there is a thread of a guy
    that already made side-by-side test and at the end he didn't see any differences...so!! i don't see the point in using it

    but thats just my humble opinion

    even to lower the water PH i'm using lemon juice (citric acid) trying to be more organic as possible in these last 2 weeks


    cheetah2007 Well-Known Member

    u lucky bastard...i'm in my first week :D hehehe...jk...now lets get to the point....it looks very good!!! continue givin it jus water and u should be fine man.... Cheerz!!!
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    jonask Well-Known Member

    thanks cheetah can't wait to try it... its been a long 3 (almost 4) months of waiting

    caliboy80 Well-Known Member

    flush that pot.. any pics of the whole plant? what strain also?

    cheetah2007 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i was thinkin bout tha strain too!

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    I would flush..Flushing washes the nutes out of the soil so they plants are just up taking water the last week or so this makes the MJ taste better and flushes all the chemicals out of the plant. Just over fill the pots once let it drain and do it again.Then your good to go.

    jonask Well-Known Member

    already flushing for about 5 days :weed:

    this strain is sensi skunk from sensi seeds

    for picts click on my gallery link on the bottom of the thread :)
    it's full of pic's

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008

    jonask Well-Known Member

    but concerning my question?

    can i harvest in 10 days?... any comments on that? or 10 days of flushing is not enough
    (i'm currently on my 5th day of flush)


    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    I would give two weeks total just to be safe. We're only talking four more days here.

    jonask Well-Known Member

    lol... I know it doesn't hurt waiting 4 more days,but the thing is that I was hoping to harvest in the weekend!! would had more time to harvest calmly not in a rush cause of my working schedules during week days

    thanks anyway for sharing your opinion


    {Kottonmouth.King} Well-Known Member

    I would harvest when the plant tells you its ready. Wait till the trichs are where you want them and then harvest. Dont get anxious and harvest too soon because your buds wont be at full strength. Just let it ride man.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    No problem that I can see harvesting this week end. One good flush is good..

    leafysmell Active Member

    if u wait till the hairs are 40% 50% brown/red then flush for 2 weeks u will have some kick ass bud. U need to flush for this amount of time as u are not just flushing the nutes out of the soil/medium but also out of the plant. Just an idea.....worked for me evrytime....ermmm i mean some1 i know haha.

    jonask Well-Known Member

    they will be ready by the weekend eheh (crossing my fingers) only 1 of 5 looks bit late but all the others look pretty damm good they are very very close...

    trics are 90% milky 10% clear in majority, in some buds can even see some amber trics
    pistils are 60% white 40% orange, don't see much more bud development going on so everything points to a near harvest

    woohooo :weed:

    peacemane420 Well-Known Member

    wow that is an awesome picture hahaha i prolly looked at it for atleast 5 mins. good camera and even better weed! pretty!!
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