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Last two weeks - BULK OR FLUSH?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by graab187, Jan 15, 2013.


    graab187 Active Member

    Ive heard alot of people say that you should always bomb your plants with nutrients the last 2 weeks of flower then flush with a solution the very last week. Apparently you gain a massive amount of bud thickening the last few weeks and add yield and shouldnt flush because im missing out on precious bulk time.

    On the contrary doesnt the taste get affected if you dont flush alot? Like when you burn it in a bowl or joint doesnt it not burn correctly.

    What should i do? Bomb to bulken as much as i can the last two weeks then a short flush?
    Or flush for 2 weeks to make sure the flavor and aroma arent affected?

    Thanks RUI!


    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Hydro or soil/soiless?

    Personally I don't flush. But I do dry and cure properly and I don't over feed.

    If you are using separate pots and are hand watering why not do your own test as to whether you want to flush or not next time.

    Maybe half and half your plants to feed and flush so you get a good overall opinion.


    graab187 Active Member

    im in soil. I only have two clones this round so I could possible flush one alot and not so much the other too see how it goes.
    Do you see drastic chances in bud thickness and bulking in tthe last two weeks?

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Personally yes especially density.

    I don't like yellow leaves so I try to keep my plants healthy and don't over feed.


    DrHempenstein Member

    Go half and half if you cant decide, go half strength nutes for about a week and a half to keep her fed and the last few days before chopping flush her with water.

    Though the debate about the nutrients affecting the taste is EXTREMELY debatable. IMHO think about it like this,If you watered your plant its whole life with grape koolaid do you think its gonna taste like grape koolaid? I've got a plant in the closet that smells like pinesole and I fed her once about 2months ago...I highly doubt its the nutes that did it.

    DrHempenstein Member

    ^^^Also I would NEVER NEVER NEVER double up on nutrients at all unless I was 100% sure there was an extreme deficiency, The only thing I could see that accomplishing is frying your plant, Your Plants are alot like a human. When she sick she shows it, When shes thirsty she gets cottonmouth on her leaves, and once shes full she stops eating and WONT take anything else in,all I could imagine is it sitting in your pot burning your roots up or something.

    danknuggs419 Member

    New to RIU forum activity but not to RIU nor growing/consuming cannabis...I've done my own separate tests of this theory of flushing and bulk nutes @ end of flower cycle..

    In my opinion, flushing for two weeks is a myth. I've found that the harvest and curing methods are best way to achieve taste. I personally do a small flush, 36 hours before I plan to harvest. But that's just me and I really have no taste probs unless I get lazy with curing..

    As for bulk nutes, agree 100% with hempenstein above, your ladies can only eat so much, after that, you're wasting nutrients and risk burn out. Stay course with a steady diet, if you monitor your ppms daily, you can see just how much they're feeding. They talk to you in every aspect of growth.

    I adapted. A technique from a fellow cultivator of going completely dark and dropping humidity to 30-35% in room last 24 hours before harvest. Its helped dense up my buds and increase crystallization imo..

    Hope it helps a lil bit. Happy tokin'
    Kite High

    Kite High Well-Known Member

    dont flush it.... feed it

    graab187 Active Member

    Thanks so much for your input I really appreciate it!

    I think my best bet is to listen to you and what seems to be everyone else with the flush time. Ill wait and only do about a 5 day flush, and keep my ladies on a STEADY feeding plan. Maybe if the ppms are low I can add a few extra mL's of bulk for a few waters but I definately don't want to burn or cause block out right at the last few weeks of precious flowering time. Seems like a perfect in the middle.

    graab187 Active Member

    On a side note, does anyone have any suggestions for which bulking or sweetening agents I should be using that you've had experience with and have seen results from the products? Because we all know nutrient company market their shit and I just wanna sift through all the bullshit additives.

    Ive also heard from a few expert growers that shutting down lights the last 3 days Is extremely beneficial to a finishing plant. Something about tricking them into thinking its winter? Idk I've heard many myths. Just like danknugs said above tho, it seems like an excellent idea and I'm going to try it out as well. Anyone any input on this method?

    thanks RUI!!

    cobra28widow New Member

    Thats exactly what I was about to tell him.. Anytime Im curious about something in my grow setup.. I will test any theory on a few plants to actually see what the difference is and not just take somebodys word.
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member


    avoid extremes. 2.0+ EC and using "flushing solutions" are both overdoing it. Moderation is key.

    Feed on a bell curve.

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    To answer your other question about what other additives you could use.

    This is what I use.

    CANNA PK1314


    This is everything I use. I use molasses during veg and flower every now and again to help give the fungi I use an additional food source.

    I use canna aqua vega (which is a grow nute) the whole way through veg and flower along with Rhizotonic.

    I add additional cal mag because I use coco as my medium without using coco nutes.

    I use canna PK1314 during flowering along with the liquid silicon.

    This along with control of temps and air exchange.

    I don't use any targeted bud products at all.

    Just healthy happy well performing plants from start to finish.


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