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Kratom will give a FALSE POSITIVE on a drug test (with pictures)

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Goldowitz, Oct 8, 2012.


    Goldowitz Well-Known Member

    Just a word of caution to everyone here on RIU. I am getting ready to take a medical exam, that includes a drug test. I quit smoking THC a few months ago, but I continued to use Kratom 1-2 times a week because it's not a drug and isn't supposed to show up on a drug test. I bought a First Check home drug test and just got some results. If a line appears, it's a negative for that drug. No line is a positive.

    dt 1.jpg

    dt 2.jpg

    The line for meth in faint, but it is there. I don't use meth, or any illegal drug for that matter. The test gave a positive for Methadone which I don't take and TCA (antidepressants) which I do take. These home tests will never be 100% accurate, but something gave this one a false positive for Methadone. I used Kratom Friday and Saturday, so I am assuming it must be that. I guess I'll have to quit using Kratom and wait another week or two for my exam.:?

    NP88 Active Member

    I see a faint line in all test locations, and ANY faint line corresponds with negative, no matter how faint. I think i see one under the TCA line. It might be extremely faint. Even though you are on them, perhaps the levels in your urine are below the amount detected. A faint line with no color is considered a preliminary positve. This test kit comes with a confirmatory test... I'm a bit unclear on their policy. It looks like they will tell you results over the phone or online for free, and you can call for a quantitative amount, but a physical copy may cost $5. There's a box in the bottom, and labels in the instruction... One for the sample, and one for your records. You should check off the boxes for methadone, meth, and TCAs.

    Alembic Active Member

    Is the drug test supervised? If not, pour! Synthetics work great.

    Fruitbat Active Member

    Kratom works on the MU receptors so its not surprising it turns a positive for an opiate. It is also most definitely a drug, just not illegal yet. It's an odd one, not well understood.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Mitragynine and methadone are quite different structurally so I doubt that it is the kratom causing the false positive. There's lots of things that can cause false positives, just because kratom has alkaloids that effect the mu receptor doesn't mean they would be the cause of a false positive. Maybe for something like prodine which is structurally similar.

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