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Kosher Kush, Holy Grail Kush, Cataract Kush, Tora Bora Review

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ipplaya, Apr 16, 2012.


    Cannalove Active Member

    Patiently awaiting smoke report!

    maddwestent Active Member

    Those are nice can't wait to try HG

    mansoorjane36 Member

    man, can't wait to get my holy grail in.... anxiously waiting....

    ElusiveQuark Member

    I just joined in and am anxious to read smoke report. Nice job on the "journal."

    HumbleGro Member

    When is the smoke report??????????

    smokejoint Active Member

    Very good journal i have to say.Needs a smoke report though...

    just thought i would add my experience with DNA aswell.It was a lemon skunk freebie seed i got ,grew it to 8 inches and flowered it ended up close to 4 feet tall.No training at all and organic nutes and she yeilded 3 ounces of excellent smoke.A spicy smell un-grinded ,but grind it up and it is a lovely citrus smell.The stone is very good also.When smoking a joint out the back of the house i find myself getting very paranoid and it's the first smoke i've had where i can barely finish a joint (and sometimes can't).Get inside though and it's a great trip for about an hour and a half,the first hour being very intense.Lends itself to watching movies more than anything ,things can get very confusing and trippy.So all in all ,very good.


    Like yourself ,i emailed dnagenetics at one stage asking what strains of theirs handled heat the best.I went through their contact form on their website .Needless to say they never replied and that puts me in a real bind.I would find it very difficult giving my money to any breeder who didn't value my custom enough to reply to a simple email..that being said i am really impressed with their work and would love to try chocolope and martian...but i dunno now if i will bother.

    In recent times i have sent emails to SENSI SEEDS and got a one size fits all reply that didn't answer my question....BARNEYS FARM who also never even bothered to reply...SAGARMATHA SEEDS who after a few weeks sent me a very reasonable down to earth reply that has left me wanting to give him my custom and PARARDISE SEEDS who also got back to me with a great reply so paradise is on the menu to..

    1337hacker Active Member

    Hey man I get the feeling that DNA is really swamped... used to have a good connection on some seeds from them and nowadays I get the feeling that they might be getting really big...

    That being said.. pick up pretty much anything from DNA and you won't be disappointed. I have tried out at least 6 or 7 strains of theirs and they are all unique and hold true to the descriptions. That being said I don't think they are completely honest with all of their genetic backgrounds that go into each plant (I have grown some weird phenos out that shouldn't be possible under the crosses I got, a 50 day chocolope crosses my mind) They have their own "honey" taste that is associated with the O.G. for instance that isn't very OG like at all, though still a great flavor, I have noticed it in both the Cataract and their OG :

    Recon, while they admit to not knowing exactly what crossed it, looks and smokes a lot like bubba and the cross I grew of it (got it down the grape vine it's a Recon Bx selected for the unique flavor) RCLA is basically the most unique plant I have ever seen in my life that has a chameleon flavor that is described by some as italian seasoning to a more bubba kush flavor . Their LA Con, Recon, Cataract Kush , all are great representations of that earthy kush like a bubba if you are looking to add something like that to your stable.

    If you are looking for a heat resistant strain I know that some desert growers have an easy time using hearty Afghani strains


    smokejoint Active Member

    hey, thanks for that...yeah recon has interested me for a while to..l8r
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member


    thebfd253 Member

    finally a good thread with pics! cheers!
    aus2 canibasiva

    aus2 canibasiva Well-Known Member

    This is the most info packed grow report. And to think it wasn't going to happen.
    And to think, all this info would have gone unknown.
    So Cheers ipplaya.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    Execellent thread !!!

    with much respect to the OP :D

    FOG99 Member

    though i would share my results from DNA genetics. Bought a pack of FEM. Cataract Kush and got free pack of FEM. Confidential Cheese.
    025 (2).jpg WP_000604.jpg 027.jpg

    tylerh Member

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