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Know any good jobs that don't piss tests?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by turkish420, Aug 23, 2009.


    turkish420 Active Member

    What's up fellow smokers! I got to thinking that everyone's going through difficult financial times right now, so I thought we could all post good jobs that we know of that have NO or very LIMITED piss tests! :weed: These could be jobs with good pay or great benefits or perks or anything like that! I'm a portable fire extinguisher and restaurant hood suppression system technician and I work on commission and I'm fortunate enough to NOT get piss tested! So fire away ya'll! this is a chance to possibly help someone out that might REALLY NEED IT! :-D

    theinfected Well-Known Member

    i feel you, every time i find a half decent job, i find out they want to send me for a test, its horrible... im stuck woring at the local supermarket now, making minimum wage

    turkish420 Active Member

    shit man I've been there before! I just lucked out not having to take a piss test at my job so I thought i would start this post to help out my fellow potheads!
    Spoony Da Dro Man

    Spoony Da Dro Man Active Member

    shit i got synthetic urine and 2 flush drinks, I cant even get a job at a pizza place been filling out apps with no luck. fuck my life

    turkish420 Active Member

    that sucks! you'll find somethin, hang in there!

    Pumert Well-Known Member

    hey ont sy fuck your life if you think ur life is bad go to this websit itll make you feel better about ur self http://www.fmylife.com/

    also ive herd gamestop doesnt drug test on application but then again its not much better then minnimum wage

    xTHEBAKERx Member

    anyone know if arby piss test my little bro needs to know

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    you think the people who run the piss tests get tested themselves?

    turkish420 Active Member

    GOOD ONE! LOL! :clap:
    Spoony Da Dro Man

    Spoony Da Dro Man Active Member

    naw man I was playin when I said fuck my life. and arbys dont piss test.

    theinfected Well-Known Member

    i think any halof way decent job throws piss test at you nowadays

    BloodShot420 Well-Known Member

    computer programming doesnt require piss tests ;-) but it does require you be able to program...

    i got a buddy who is a fire extinguisher restaurant hood suppression tech too... there are some tests involved in getting that job... not piss tests, but tests about the different kinds of systems...

    i was a pizza delivery guy for years - through high school and college - and i blazed in the car all the time... it was beautiful, the pay wasnt great though, and my car smelled like pizza and pot... actually, my new car smells like that too - and i've never delivered pizzas in it! haha

    monkeyflappy Active Member

    Accountants don't get piss tested, but usually you need credentials to get an accounting job.

    turkish420 Active Member

    thanks everyone! keep em comin!

    northwoodsmoker New Member

    im fucked i take vicodins everyday for back pain n they piss test ya for that.. n im gonna come up dirty cuz i smoked too much ganja.. i hope they dont test for it they might cut me off my meds.. does anyone think they will??

    leeny Active Member

    where in Tx you at man? I know of a few but I could personalize it if I knew areas..
    IBM sales rep-great job, run by nut jobs, doesn't test, can go to work fucked up, cubicle job

    Freebirds- cool people, can make good money if you try, doesn't test, go to work fucked up, have to deal with SOME assholes, takes acctual 'get sweaty' work

    Pnuggle Well-Known Member

    IBM sales leeny? you mean selling age old computer systems to current companies, or are there updated IBMs that i am ignorant to the fact about? this might be a stupid question :o

    leeny Active Member

    ummm, I think it's updated computers.... but I forgot about TekSavers! you can work there also because they don't test, but it's a warehouse job...
    and they do refurbish old sysco parts and sell them to companies..
    violator kush

    violator kush Active Member

    mens wear house most of every job they have they dont test

    turkish420 Active Member

    No shit? mens warehouse? thats fuckin cool!

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