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Kief -=- Hash

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by upabove, May 12, 2008.


    upabove Well-Known Member

    Im wondering if someone had large amounts of Kief why would they want to turn it into hash? Isnt Kief more potent than Hash? Isnt Kief worth more than Hash? Would you rather smoke Hash or Kief?

    ranunky Active Member

    Hash is easier to handle. And if the keif is good then the hash will be good.

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    making has out of keif is just pressing the keif, so it's really the same thing, just easier to handle like ranunky said. I'd rather smoke the hash.

    herby2000 Active Member

    Can we just roll a joint with keef and tobacco? Or should we press it first?

    2kstyle Well-Known Member

    yeah sprinkle it on the joint, on a bowl on everything. It makes every hit better.

    rev3la7ion Well-Known Member

    Keif is not the same thing as hash nor is it as potent. Keif is around 70-80% pure THC and the rest is plant matter. Hash is basically taking the rest of a plant after harvesting and knocking off the rest of the resin heads and pressing just the resin heads into a 99-100% pure THC brick called hash.

    Keif is good to smoke by just sprinkling it on top of a bowl or tipping a joint in it but pressed keif is not hash. Nor does it smoke like hash. Nor does it taste like hash. Nor does it get you as high as hash.

    upabove Well-Known Member

    Ok you answered my questions thanks. I see, so the Keif is not as pure because it has plant matter and tricomes. Hash on the other hand is pure tricomes and no plant matter. So I need to do some research on how to turn the Kief into Hash. And figure out if its worth it. Maybe its a personal preference I'm not sure.

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    bullshit pressed kief isn't hash. that is a retarded post. 99-100% thc yeah right buddy. :wall:

    hemlockstones Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt say all hash is 99-100% pure...
    not trying to be an ass just saying.. like commercial hash maybe 50%
    even bubble hash can vary in potentcy
    just like keif...
    more agitation, less pure end product

    stinkincatfish Well-Known Member

    keef gets turned into hash
    when considerable heat and pressure are combined
    causing the trichomes to burst and turn magically delicious

    stinkincatfish Well-Known Member

    or something like that

    rev3la7ion Well-Known Member

    Pressed keif is NOT hash.

    If you're smoking 'hash' that is around 50% pure THC then you're not smoking hash, you're smoking pressed keif. They are NOT the same thing. Like I already said, hash involves agitating the resin heads from the trimmings or buds after a harvest and pressing them into a ball or brick known as a hash ball or hash brick. Actual hash is almost always above 90% pure THC.

    hemlockstones Well-Known Member

    haha i like that

    "silly wabbit, trich's are for kids!"

    hemlockstones Well-Known Member

    yes.... hash is pressed keif... depending on how the hash is made (cold water extraction, chemical solvants, dry sift) hash can vary greatly in potentcy....
    like hash made with a smaller screen woudl be more potent
    like hash made from grain alcohol would be more potent than hash made from 50/50 rubbing alcohol

    keif is when its in a powder or grit (i would even call crystalized honey oil keif)
    hash is when its pressed... ill find u a video :-)

    hemlockstones Well-Known Member

    YouTube - Hash 4

    found this on the youtubes, shows them making out in bumfucksomewhere the old fashion way... see how its a powder, and he shows the buyer the powder as well as the wrapped brick (looks like 100-200g) thats been pressed. the powder is keif

    he even talks about the different grades of hash and how the "0" grade is for commercial and is "thinned down" for the street
    its still hash

    stinkincatfish Well-Known Member

    hmm hmm

    this will blow your brain!!
    Blue Diesel

    Blue Diesel Active Member

    Kief, what a strange way people in the US use that word....If You were to ask a smoker anywhere in the world what is Kief you would be told the Kief is whats left after trimming.

    If you go to morocco or afganistan and see them making hash you will find them shaking the leaf stems and over there even the flowers to remove the polen. The polen (Kief in America) is then pressed rolled into Hashish.

    The Polen if you can get it is maybe the smoothest and possibly the best way to smoke the Herb.

    If you cook with the Herb then fluffy Polen before pressing is definately the best additive to any meal

    Yes the strength of hash varies with the quality, put a flame close to the piece of hash and take a smell, your nose will know.

    boarderofsnow Well-Known Member

    Well I'm sorry to tell you that you're wrong but you are very poorly informed. If you have made (using american lingo,) dry sift keif or hash you would know that they are the same thing in a different form. 90% pure THC is completely ridiculous. The best hashes present at the cannabis cup rarely make it into the 70% range. Typically 50-70% for the very best refined earwaxes and amber glass. A true bubble hash is made by using ice cold water to make the whole trichome, not just THC, rigid enough to be knocked off the bud/trim. Using sieves to separate different sized trichomes. You are left with what looks like wet very pure keif (cause that's what it is,) This is then pressed to break open the trichomes to release the resins which allows it to be pressed into bricks or balls of beautiful bubble hash. The oxidation of the resin is what turns hash brown. Most people think of keif as the keif that collects in your grinder. This keif is very impure and contains plant matter as well.. Hence the green hue. I make cold dry sieve hash (Pure Keif) using my bubble bags and dry ice rather than ice and water. This way there is no drying and pressing. You are left with a lovely pure keif that you can either leave keif or you can press into hash (without risking mold/mildew harming your bubble while it's drying out) I can turn my 73micron and under dry sieve into full melt bubble hash.
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    geekmike Well-Known Member

    There is so much misinformation in this thread it's ridiculous.

    boarderofsnow has it right. Keif is dry sifted trim or bud. Typically in America it is found only in 220 micron (but on occasions smaller) at this screen size pleanty of plant matter is in there. Still good shit, just not what you will find in some good quality bubble hash, ISO ,etc.

    Keif is NOT pollen. That's just dumb. Male Cannabis plants produce pollen, not female plants.

    No way you are going to get 100% THC in hash... 90% is crazy talk. 60-70% is great hash.

    I make bubble hash once a month. Love it.
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    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    I have smoked hash and kief (the stuff in the bottom of my grinder). Hash is different, smokes different. Both hit hard. You ask me they are very similar. But kief is a lighter color. IMO the ligher color hash, the better. IMO kief is amazing tasting but so is hash. idk which is more potent. You all seem like ur in a pissing contest, lets see some scientific data

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