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Kief from DRY leaf?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by itsaplant, Jun 20, 2011.


    itsaplant Active Member

    My trim is EXPLOADED into bits from a trimming machine.
    Bubble bag hash produces sub par earthy green crap. Iv done severay ice bag methods and get only slightley better crappy hash.

    Will a kief tumbler work better? I mean my hash is GREEN and light weight JUNK every time because my trim is DESTROYED from the trim machine.

    Its not powder trim but its very dry and looks like the size of a pencil eraser.

    Even 8 minute hash washing in ice cold water makes really crappy hash.

    so im thinking Kief machine but they are $$$ $250$$ so I need to know!

    cflgrower1313 Member

    bubble bag and dry ice look it up on youtube wotks amazing
    Phillip J Fry

    Phillip J Fry Active Member

    yes a kief box will work, the grade will depend on what screen(s) the box has in it. i

    DemontauruS Active Member

    Ive been drying out leaf trimmings and grinding it in a grinder, and there is some sort of earthy green keif undert the screen, little by little. Has some properties but nothing strong. I imagine you gotta wait until these trichomes are ripe, and then whatever you pull off from any part of the plant keifwise is going to be good smoke. I wanna try the ice bag but dont have one yet, so this grow Im probably running it all through the grinder once I dry it out, from stems to trimmings, and treating the buds like gold.

    Haze2C Member

    ya I made one out of a old cigar box! I used three different metal strainers over lapping as screen. Take just the sugar leafs and the little buds on the bottoms of the plants. Chop it up really good and let sit on the top screen. I sit the box on a vibration pad and in 15 minutes flip the material on the screen over and move it around a bit so you can get all the good stuff out. I tryed to use the jar method but too much keif is left in the jar and is a pain in the ass to get out. Hope this helps.

    Photo07030934_1.jpg Photo07030932_1.jpg Photo07030933.jpg

    Haze2C Member

    The bags retain alot of tricromes and the ice method is not good due to the amount of material that is need to get a gram of bubble goodness. The first thing is to chop up all the material and let it sit in ice. if your material is too fine you will end up with shit. if it's not chopped up enough you end up throwing away the tricromes that are trapped in the material. I have been threw twelve harvest and had many different ways to try to get the best of the best and for the buck its got to be the shaker box. Check out my other post. Hope this helps.

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