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Kentucky bud

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by omgtheomg, Nov 13, 2006.


    omgtheomg Active Member

    im interested in looking to grow outside in kentucky, nothing big just a small plant. tips on what kind/when to plant, do i need to do much? i know it grows naturally here, or atleast some strands do. i can't order seeds online so most likely im stuck with whatever i can get from my own stuff.

    bigballin007 New Member

    They will grow outdoors better than indoors. Dont start them untill may indoors and move them in june to your spot outside. Put them inshade for a couple of days to get used to the light from the sun if you start them inside. If you put your plants outside to early they will strech like all hell so it is best to move them outdoors in june as the sun is very intense in june and july.

    toke420 Active Member

    just save seeds from different batches that will give you a variety start for 10 days in a paper cup in the middle of May then you should be able 2 transplant by the end of may/beginning of June

    omgtheomg Active Member

    is may-june the typical planting time for outdoor? if so i'd like to look into a small plant to grow indoors until then but nothing high maitenecne just a small okay high plant.

    x3n0n89 Active Member

    im in kentucky and i was thinking about derby time

    kentuckykush Member

    im in KY as well, central area. starting to grow too... good luck!

    stealthymurph Active Member

    i live ken also and its well known we got the best outdoor season

    Islander2010 Member

    I live near the applacian mountains and i also would like to know what type seems to grow well in kentucky

    maggardsquatch Member

    i'm a good 5'10" tall, and i've seen trainwreck plants tower above me here in Eastern KY. Also I germed my seeds on 4/20 and theyre doing just great now. Top the shit out of your plants until summer officially starts, and then just let them grow. the topping keeps the plant from stretchin so bad, plus the shock of it makes the stem nice and thick, which means strong roots. Don't grow the bud, grow the roots, after that the bud will take care of itself and you.
    redeye the pirate

    redeye the pirate Member

    i also live in eastern kentucky and i have 5 purp haze and 5 northern lights plants and there thriving real badass like

    new2ky420 Member

    Hey all i am new to ky and i am looking for a 420 friend to help me out if ya can [email protected] send me and e-mail

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