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Discussion in 'Organics' started by knnthc93, Aug 30, 2012.


    knnthc93 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used these people? Any review on the stuff they sale?

    stak Well-Known Member

    I ordered some Azomite and Soft Rock Phosphate from them a few months ago. They have good prices and offer free shipping so it works out to some of the best pricing on the net. They basically just buy a giant bag of something and then put whatever you order into smaller ziploc bags that they ship in priority mail boxes, no labels or product info or anything like that. The only thing about my order that I didn't like was the soft rock phosphate was not broken down very well and I had to put in some work smashing it down. But overall I'm happy with the experience/purchase and will buy from them again.

    knnthc93 Well-Known Member

    As long as the product works in cool with them re bagging it. Thanks for the reply stak

    jimmy1life Well-Known Member

    Ive orded the microbes and humic fulvic. Shipped free i went to there ebay store. Ive been wondering about the big bloom fert it 4-18-38 kinda like ANs Big Bud. If any has expriencd woth that let me know how it blends in with a normal base fert.

    kamut Active Member

    They are good. I have bought a few things from them. Fast shipping.

    bullisok Well-Known Member

    I have used MPK / Ripe Blend Flowering added Kelp , Humic, Fulic Same as >/ 4 - 18 - 38 Blend for base Flowering... EXCELENT RESULTS!!! / Bat Guana / Myco = Innoculant Blend & cane Molasses for Super Tea add. I also use Earthworm.
    Just ordered K Mag... I 100% Love their Products and think they work GREAT!

    You will not be disappointed and NO I am not affiliated with them at all just found them by accident and gave it a try...

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Nothing much to add, I've used them several times in the past and will use them again in the future.


    mjauo Member

    Same here, ordered once and I will order again. They are really helpful!

    ExtremeMetal43 Active Member

    Yep have had good luck with em too!

    1lildog Member

    Great find. I searched forever trying to find someone like this. Never found them or anyone like them on google. I eventually used yahoo and found them right away. I ordered 4 items online yesterday and in LESS than 15 minutes I had received 1 email saying they received the order and then another email saying the order was complete and shipped with the tracking #. They should be #1, they are great. (can't even find them on google - google sucks).

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