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Keeping your plants alive while going on vacation

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by aptFarmer, Jan 3, 2012.


    aptFarmer Member

    Hey all, so I just went away on vacation for 10 days over the holidays, and was obviously super worried about my girls. Before I left I researched a bunch about how I should go about taking care of them, but I had no one to help watch them so they had to stay. Then I thought about the security of not being here for 10 days and some horror story of a pipe breaking and the landlord having to come in while I was gone. So first, I cleaned up anything conspicuous so the rest of the place looked good. Luckily, they were all just vegging so I moved them under a T5 box with an 18/6 timer. After leaving room for 10 days of growth I turned up the fan a little hoping it would discourage them from growing super tall while unattended, and rigged up a watering system. I picked up a $20 digital minute timer with a programmable schedule, a water pump, a bunch of surgical tubing and plastic hydro "T's". I rigged it all up and set the timer for 1 minute every 5 days, watering them well before I left and hoping to water them the day I got back. I tested it and figured it was good to go. Got back today, and they all look great. A little dehydrated, but they perked right up after a good watering. They grew significantly but not too much, its crazy not seeing them for so long and realizing how much they grow. Just wanted to show people in the same position that it can be done!
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    Thehermaphroditemaker Well-Known Member

    That sounds simple yet ingenious. How much water would that one minute pump out?

    DST Well-Known Member

    Nice, well done on that. I was away for 4 days recently and tried to train my plants into only expecting water every 3rd of 4th day (since my usual is to water every second day). They wrre a tad thirsty on return but all done reasonably well (they were in full flower though.)

    I checked at my local garden store and can get a water timer pump for around 50 euros for future vacations. I like how you done your's DIY! V-cool.

    Happy holidays


    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    ive gota go away on holidays for 8days soon, iv got my plants outdoors in the blazing heat not sure wat im gonna do....

    should i maybe found like a huge tub and pin prick a hole in it so it contrantly drips ?lol i got nothing ...

    dumdedum Active Member

    What if the worst happens and your house gets set on fire ? i would not risk this imo.

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