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Keeping clones healthy...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by 420forme, Dec 30, 2010.


    420forme Active Member

    I seem to have a problem with this, while most of my clones do root and grow but they always go right to the edge of death before they turn around. I just cut em, dip em, put them in rooters in a humid tray with bottom heat, spraying with plain water. They go yellow and limp and look burned up or something. How do I keep them healthy looking and green?

    klonerone Active Member

    I use TRACE! amounts of nutes for soaking the rockwool.....like 1ml of all three gh 3 part per gal.....along with about 10 drops of superthrive per gal....So when you first cut the clones have no roots all this is useless to them....but as soon as they strike....they get a little something to keep em going. Works for me....people will advice against nutes for clones...with good reason....but just using trace amounts won't hurt.
    good luck.

    420forme Active Member

    Yeah I've always tried to stay aways from nutes on clones till they start new growth, but they are definately needing something. I use 3 part humbolt, I could try a real light dose of that, mabye with a touch of Hum. Roots? I have a couple right now I could try it on.

    Jefferstone Well-Known Member

    I think they pretty much look like crap for a while. It's part of the process, I mean they have no roots.

    How about lighting? I keep 6-8 clones under a single 50w CFL for a couple weeks before putting them in the tent. I think it also may be genetic. Some of my clones look like they just were cut all the way through, some turn yellow before turning it around.

    The only important thing is that they survive and how they smoke right?

    420forme Active Member

    I have each clone under a 26watt cfl. Actually there are 4 clones under 2 - Y splitters. Its true that they do usually make it, but I just have no confidence in them through out the process, and usually end up starting some seed just in case.
    Its just that I always see pictures of clone rooms, and tables full of nice, upright, healthy green clones and mine sure dont look like that.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    I cut em, scrape em, slit em and stick them in rockwool in a heated prop with the channels flooded. After that i just keep it moist and humid, they stay green and perky until they go into their next home.

    Hum215 Active Member

    I switched to using an EZ clone a while back. It seems to keep them greener, but they still do begin to die as they sprout roots and then come back strong. Some genetics yellow and nearly die right next to ones that stay green and lush. I think you are probably experiencing something normal for your genetics.

    420forme Active Member

    The strains are sensi star and black domina. But had same issues with king kush and lemon skunk.
    I also have been thinking about an ez cloner. I only do like 4 clones at a time though, I don't need alot of sites.

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