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keeping cats out of the garden

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by giglewigle, Aug 29, 2017.


    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    There is a difference between domesticated cats and wild ones.
    I dislike cats because of what they do to wildlife but I do recognise that it isn't their fault but there are way too many. Wild animals are a part of a food chain...even lions can be killed by hyenas. Domestic cats aren't a part of a food chain and when there are millions of them then that is a lot of wildlife they kill just to play with.
    Owners don't generally care though, they just love their little moggie.....

    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    totally fair to fault the owners.a lot of ppl shouldnt own pets.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    An Owl will kill a cat. A cat killing diseased flea carrying mice. Domestic cats came out of a necessity. Descended from an small African cat. The Pharaohs revered these critters. I get the vibe you don't like cats. That's ok. Moggie doesn't care and that's why it keeps getting fed.

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Then eat it
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    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    Like I said, there are way too many of them. There are enough problems with some birds dying out without cats killing them for fun. I get that you like cats and that's fine but it still remains a fact that there are too many of them in this country. Mostly they are owned by lazy people who want a pet but can't be bothered to have a dog cos it needs exercising, so they have a cat and put it outdoors all day where it causes havoc with wildlife.

    Just as an addition, I've played with a 3 legged Cheetah in Namibia and wrestled with 6 lions in South Africa....and I won! OK so the lions were 6 weeks old but I still won :D
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    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    What's your favorite domestic animal? You wouldn't believe one of mine. It's a chicken. If you've never fed fruit loops to a roaster....you're missing out. The dumbest thing on two legs. The most adorable thing.

    His name was Jake. Had a cat at the same time. It's name was cat. Cool critter too.

    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    I like dogs....intelligent ones. Terriers are cool but Alsatians are probably my fave breed. I don't own a pet cos I live in a small apartment.
    Weirdly though I've recently started having nightmares about snakes, which I know many people keep but they aren't pets in my eyes....

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    i got some netting im yet to set up i like dogs bit at the same time i cant stand the one pepole spoil and there just these needy things the never stop barking and ar dumb as fuck if i get a dog it would prebly be a staffyor pitbull in my exp there the sweetest things but at the same time thay couod fuck u up i cant stand matese teriers and little dogs now like my nan had a maltese terier i likw him at first but in the end one little noise hed bark for ever and doasemt shut up i feel what u mean about cats tho the one we got always kills lizards flr no reason its a cunt
    A.K.A. Overgrowem

    A.K.A. Overgrowem Well-Known Member

    "its a cunt". No, it's a pussy.
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    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    and then im some how a cunt for telling it to shut the fuck up after it barking non stop for an hour

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Jesus .... the KITTY KAT GANG ( gay AF ) is panty twisted ...calm down and keep braiding each other's hair ...

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Coyote urine

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    get a bigger cat


    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    I need to buy some more catnip seeds. Had a plant at the start of summer but the neighborhood cats kept wallowing all over it. After a while the plant disappeared.

    No good, stoner cats.
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    EmilyTaylor Member

    The best way is to use smell they don't like against them: lavender, citrus peel, lemon thyme... But still need to build fence.

    ANC Well-Known Member


    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    thats cute as fuck

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    Sure is....Lol
    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Fox Urine is easy to find. Sporting Goods Stores carry it.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Guess I'd have to settle for lion piss here.

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