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Keef to butter ratio

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Tokahontas, Oct 6, 2007.


    Tokahontas Active Member

    I've got it!!!

    One gram keef to a half cup of butter. You can also do one gram keef to half cup of oil if the recipe calls for an oil.

    I perfected this in my double dose peanut butter cookies (see thread) but have also used it in brownie mixes. Works well in both.

    Good body high.

    Works well for pain or anxiety.

    Good luck!

    ViRedd New Member

    Thanks for the info, Toka. I've never considered using Kief in my cookies, I usually save it for joints. ~lol~

    So, the next time I make cookies, I'll use cannabutter, a quarter oz of premo bud ground into a fine powder, AND ... at your suggestion, a gram of Kief. :blsmoke::blsmoke::blsmoke:


    fdd2blk POW

    we should swap cookies some time.:mrgreen:

    upinchronic1 Well-Known Member

    Thats why the cooky monster loves his cookies so damn much, tokahontas is his baker...

    upinchronic1 Well-Known Member

    thats sounds delicious though. good idea

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