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karmic love, higher self...

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by victoryou, Jun 1, 2017.


    victoryou Member

    Hello guys!This is for those who believe în reincarnation, higher self, and all who believe în god...I've readed somwhere that when are in love with someone, your love for god higher self or divinity should be more than the person you love and if it happens that u love that person most you will get sepparated from them.I mean do u think it's true?Because i believe we are all one but the ego îs the only one who makes us separated and the love for god i believe represents the love for all people wich îs the love for divinity.Thks fo reading:)Please give me some answers those who are familiar with the subject.Peace!
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    weedhead24 Well-Known Member

    reincarnation is to die and come back alive in the flesh again .My God is Jesus he is in the kindom of heaven .Its a place of paradise to be absent from the flesh body .Is to be present with the Lord . Spiritually speaking

    green_machine_two9er Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure it's more or less. God's love is not even comparable to a love for another soul in human incarnation. We are all separated from God and the only way home is to be free from attachments of this world. And gods love is eternal. He knowing all things past and present surely would know every relationship we will have. He would know our attachment's to romantic partners can be strong. And it would all play a bigger role in our enlightenment. Even if not this lifetime. We are still laying the bricks for future incarnations.

    Love as God loves. Love your enemy. Loveunconditionally. God's knows our deepest secrets and horrible thougbts. The most ducked up things we done. He still loves and doesn't care. He is loving and he is aware of us. He is not going to judge but just be here if we choose to knock and open up our inner door to him

    weedhead24 Well-Known Member

    Christ will judge with a staff of correction for those that offend us .God doesn't play around with false teachers .Christ Jesus could save or bring back a person from the dead . Only through him is life .Prophecy is good for the bones he ressurected a whole army by his word .
    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member


    victoryou Member

    thks for you'r reply, it makes sense what u are saying
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    green_machine_two9er Well-Known Member

    Of course. Not that I know anything but I've felt with the same thing. Just also remember that if God is outside of time. The progression forward or backward of our lifes, although a mystery to us here is not so much a mystery to the creator. Our lifes can seem chaotic, confusing, sometimes Perfect and full of peace. We may have great decisions or make or things we are dealing with. None of it matters. If God already knows what tomorrow is going to bring. He must also know or be aware of decisions we are going to make. How can a father be angry or separate a child from a toy or attachment that child may have if the father deems that the child's love for the worldly thing is more than love for him. God the Father is quite the same. He already knows what your going to decide. And doesn't care either way. Now if one seeks to be free from the wheel of birth and death the attachments to this world (love, sex, drugs or even power and glutony) must be overcome. We are caled to live an unattached life. Knowing Gods presence in all things and coming to the realization that life is just a preperation for the true nature of soul to get back home. Much love and don't overthink. The heart is silent. Mind is full of chatter. However only when the mind is silent can we hear through our hearts and that Wil never lead you astray.

    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    What if God is just a human word describing something closer to "the force" in Star Wars? What if the force is collective consciousness?
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    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    I believe in power of change.

    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

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