KANO's 2nd GROW Pure Power Plant, Purple Chemo kush, and Purple Lights!!!

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    3 strains (Purple Chemo Kush,Purple Lights,Pure Power Plant)
    3 months (sept/oct,nov,dec)

    300 watts cfl ..flower and veg

    The purple strains came from a buddy and the power plant was from my last grow.. the power plant is a feminized seed the
    other 2 are random. I have 8 power plants started as you can see in the pictures and 4 of each of the purple strains germing as I type this. So hopefully my plant count is at 16 untill i can determine the purple strains sex.Super excited and hoping everyone out there can give me advice as I have never grown purple weed and dont know what it specifically likes if anything.

    IMG_20130907_202447.jpg IMG_20130907_202519.jpg

    Tomorrow i hope to have the purple strains planted and maybe a few more shots of the little ladies since we know they are little ladies being fem seeds.

    Anyways hope everyone enjoys the ride these ones are gunna be so pretty.

    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    I am on board!

    KanoCannabis Member

    Well Here is an update im not going to specify age because they all very from 3 days to 6 days old so im sure u can pic them out plants on the right side of the light are Purple Lights and Purple Chemo Kush the left half are all Pure power plant Feminized

    Allready off to a great start because of all the knowledge ive gained over the last few months.. this will be so amazing smoke.

    IMG_20130919_214930.jpg IMG_20130919_214936.jpg IMG_20130919_214954.jpg IMG_20130919_214925.jpg

    md97 Active Member

    good growth for 6 days! sub'ed!

    tobinates559 Active Member

    i want to see that purple chemo kush in action

    KanoCannabis Member

    Could not agree with you more its a locally created strain and I personally have never heard of it
    apparently in the last days of flower the chlorophyll dies and the purple equal to chlorophyll takes its place
    pretty freaking awesome :P

    KanoCannabis Member

    More pics in a couple days these things are growing likes weeds ;)

    KanoCannabis Member

    IMG_20131007_163423.jpg IMG_20131008_182550.jpg IMG_20131008_182557.jpg IMG_20131008_182612.jpg IMG_20131008_182621.jpg IMG_20131008_182633.jpg

    Having a few problems the plants are about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old I have them in Schultz potting soil
    need some advice on the best way to reverse whats happening seems to me like lockout.

    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    it looks like nute burn to me..
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    It's not burn

    when I get home I'll look up which nute it is.
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    Looks like magnesium to me. What is your ph of water (with nutes) and what are you feeding her.
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    WOuld also post this in plant problems for a few more opinions if I were you.

    siq Active Member


    gfrg888 Active Member

    Looks like mine did before adding some cal-mag :weed:

    tobinates559 Active Member

    it could be that crappy potting soil! haha idk man check this out http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-p...nabis-nutrient-deficiency-info-printable.html it looks over watered IMO

    KanoCannabis Member

    just put them under a mh light... pretty sure it was water ph since i dont have a ph meter yet..plants look great updates soon sorry ive been slacking

    Spicy8305 Active Member

    those are some serious roots for 3 weeks old, i think you should transplant into some less dense soil and they should perk up, They dont appear to be root bound currently but with that root system it wont be long before they are. Were you planning to transplant? and if so what size pot? How much longer do you plan to veg?

    KanoCannabis Member

    IMG_20131027_161648.jpg IMG_20131027_161711.jpg IMG_20131027_161719.jpg IMG_20131027_161741.jpg IMG_20131027_161757.jpg

    Well here they are.. its been about 30 days since i took my last pictures. Sorry everyone i just kind of got bored with the updates. So ive replaced my CFLS with a Metal Halide that I will from now on Veg and Flower with untill i look into HPS.
    This light is pumping out 36,000 lumens which is over twice as much as my cfl setup and surprisingly with my 12" fan blowing on it its not even that hot. That could also be because I from a place with all four seasons and its cold out.

    Anyways i think they look awesome and ill be throwing them into there first sleep tonight.. MMM purple chemo kush lol..
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    Looks great!

    I personally am sticking with T5 and cfl for veg and gonna get an HPS in the next couple weeks for flower.

    weediologist Member

    y is this is CFL forum when ur using MH ... get out of here lol jk:twisted:

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