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Kangen water 2.0 acidic= death to mold

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Yes Sir, Oct 24, 2008.

    Yes Sir

    Yes Sir Active Member

    Hey guys i just wanted to rep a new product i've been trying. One of the local club owners turned me onto this stuff called kangen water. Its water with like electrolytes and things and is great for mold or just cleaning around the room as well. The water is ph'd at 2.0 so mold cant grow, i've heard of people using it in the last weeks of flowering with no ill effects. I've had small mold spots ive been treating with bio-soy and this kangen water just puts it to shame. If anyone can get there hands on this stuff i recomend doing so.
    Yes Sir

    Yes Sir Active Member

    over the past few days i've been spraying the plants with the 2.0 acidic water. It seems like the trichs are spreading all over some of the fan leaves already. The plants only about 20 days into flower. I've never grown this strain before and i dont have a control plant but it seems like since i started spraying them the trichs are just spreading quicklly. Isit possible the waters causing the plant to produce more trichs?

    Viper7924 Member

    Aloha, I have a Kangen water machine and I like your idea about the 2.0 for mold what do you think is best for watering? the 7.0 doesn't go through electrolysis

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