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Just won 2 million dollars from PCH.com Or did I?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by ganjaluvr, Jul 25, 2010.


Think the email is just a scam? Or do you think its legit?

Poll closed Aug 9, 2010.
  1. Its a scam!

  2. I think its legit!


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    hey everyone.

    For the past 3 or 4 months.. I've been playing to win money from PCH.com

    Which, for those of you who may not be familiar with PCH.com, its Publishers Clearing

    House.. and they hold the yearly drawings to win millions of dollars each August 31st.

    Well, I got up this morning and checked my email like I do every single morning.. and I'll be damned if I didn't get an email from PCH telling me that I have won 2 million dollars from a drawing back in June of this year.

    Well, there's a few problems with this "email" telling me that I won the money..
    Let me share the email with everyone.. I'm sure everyone will agree with me that its nothing but a scam.


    You have been contacted via email and you have won $2MILLION on our online draws which was played on the Month of June, 2010.

    PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE REDEMPTION CENTER (WEST AFRICA OFFICE) For Further Information about your Winnings, Please Reply back immediately with the following information:[email protected]

    Telephone Number:....

    Indicate Preferred Mode of Prize Collection: (A) Cheque
    (B)Draft (C)Telegraphic Transfer if by Telegraphic Transfer (Details of the account where you want your funds)

    !!!Once Again Congratulations!!

    Maryann Carter Contest Department
    for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
    International Program.
    [email protected]


    See what I mean? That shits as fake as Lindsay Lohan's tears in the courtroom!!! Come on now.. first of all.. if I really would have won that much money.. PCH.com has all my personal info.. they would have probably called me to tell me that I had won 2 million fucking dollars.. everyone agree with that? Thought so.

    Secondly.. PCH.com wouldn't be contacting me.. via a gmail account. It would be coming from [email protected] or something like that.. either way.. it should be from [email protected][I][B]pch.com[/B][/I] instead of [email protected][I][B]gmail.com[/B][/I] you know? So again.. who
    thinks this is just a scam like I do?

    mouthmeetsoap Active Member

    Haha! I used to get these in the mail. Every single time I kinda hoped it was real. Scam.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    this isn't a serious question is it?

    tinyTURTLE Well-Known Member

    yeah. publishers clearinghouse is in africa and they use a gmail adress.

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I agree with ya..

    its a total scam! I already know its a scam..

    I just wanted to see how everyone else around here that read this... would react. Just wanted other peoples opinions on it. That's all.


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    Nah fdd. Just wanted to see other peoples reaction to it.

    I was hoping nobody would say.. "hey! yeah.. that's legit. You really did win man!". heh. no.

    Like I said, if it would have been a legit win.. I would have gotten a call from PCH.. or they would have arrived at my front door with a big ass
    check for the 2 million dollars.
    But, even if they only send an email for a low winnings of 2million to winners.. it wouldn't be coming from a freaking gmail account. LMAO.. I hate
    these lame ass scammers. Idiots.. :| It wouldn't be ****@gmail.com It would be something like #$#@pch.com if it would have been legit.

    anyhow, thanks for everyone's input. Glad to see none of you said "Hey! you really won man!".. ;)

    peace everyone.. have a kick ass Sunday.


    SouthernGanja Active Member

    :lol:Definetly Legit!:lol:

    akgrown Well-Known Member

    U would say the first clue would be the sender PCH(west africa division) sounds like an identity scam. If you questioning it thencall the real PCH and find out

    IAm5toned Well-Known Member

    Consumers are advised to contact the National Fraud Center at www.fraud.org.

    Publishers Clearing House, based in Port Washington New York has awarded over $191 million in major prizes since 1967. Consumers who win prizes of $10,000 or more are notified in person by the famous PCH Prize Patrol.

    fabfun New Member

    let me hold a few dollars friend u can spare it

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    I have to explain to idiots every day that sending money to someone in Africa you don't know is a bad idea. Especially for a lottery you never entered lol. I'm sure they hacked PCH and sent that email to every person.

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