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Just took Cotton Swab Drug test

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by drasman123, May 15, 2009.


    drasman123 Member

    So i just took a drug test at Fred Meyer's and it was a cotton swab test...

    30 minutes prior to being at the store i rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide as well as brushing my teeth and cheeks and finally rinsing with 21% alcohol mouth wash.

    When i got to the store i went over my cheeks with a cotton swab and then re rinsed my mouth with non alcoholic mouth wash.

    When i had the swab in my mouth, i lightly rubbed my cheek 5 or 6 times and then i just let it sit in my mouth for the 3 minutes... trying not to touch my tongue or cheeks.

    That was successful, but i did touch my cheek briefly in that 3 minute time period... hopefully not to much saliva

    Then upon putting the swab in the container i accidentally dropped it on the ground which was ok, cuz i put it in the solution anyways.

    All went fine, but do u think ill pass? It has been 12 days about since i last smoked.

    Any comments / suggestions are welcome thanks for reading!

    Keep on toking!

    drasman123 Member

    anyone :( please help

    poplars Well-Known Member

    saliva barely even works for weed normally. you could have passed if you smoked that day . . . .

    jfgordon1 Well-Known Member

    12 days man lol... u woulda passed without all that...
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    drasman123 Member

    Thank god, i was so nervous, u guys just made my day that was ruined by my calculus test.

    Thanks a million, and thanks for the quick responses.

    jfgordon1 Well-Known Member

    no problem man.. welcome to the site by the way.

    xXMaslanXx Well-Known Member

    mouth swab only goes back 24 hours....if that...
    I had a swab last week and I did the test high as shit with like 10 mint strips in my mouth (burned like hell) lol and I PASSED! lolol funny right? I dont even know why they use mouth tests

    drasman123 Member

    Thanks guys, you're more of a confidence boost than that time i took viagra before I had sex... no but really thanks a million

    Keep on toking!:joint::hug:

    dariusj Member

    i have an interview tomorrow and the last time i smoked was saturday and my interview is tomorrow thursday, what should i do before i go? brush my teeth and take some proxide with me and rince before i get in there? or will i be okay since the last time was saturday ?

    Purplestickeypunch Active Member

    I've only ever heard of them using that method to prove you don't smoke tobacco. huh...

    dariusj Member

    it was the last time i smoke weed! im really scaredd

    dariusj Member

    it was the last time i had smoked weed! will it still show i been smokeing?

    kris1991 New Member

    Help. Freakin out. Woke up this morning and took two hits off my bowl. Got a call like a hour later wanting me to come to a interview at fred meyer. Now i was already for a piss test. Had my golden flask ready just in case. Well they through me a curveball saying it was a mouth swab test. I had a little over a hour before my test and i was told to use peroxide. So i ended up going through half a bottle gargeling it. Even right before i walked through the door. I really need this job. What are my chances of passing?? Please help

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Here's a dumb question. Why don't you just stop smoking till you find a job? You're going to get tested over and over till you get hired so you may as well just quit until you get it.
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    farmasensist Well-Known Member

    when i worked at kroger they did swab tests and one of the guys working there said he smoked the night before the test, there was another guy working there who was on heroin and one who would steal the little wine bottles off the shelf. i think the only thing swab tests do is discourage heavy drug users from applying. they probably dont even send that shit to a lab.
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    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    I retired this year..... I don't have to worry any more! ;)
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    VWRANDY1979 New Member

    so was it a pass? I actually have an interview at Fred Meyers tomorrow and was wondering about their drug test

    6ohMax Well-Known Member

    I remember I was in korea in 2009...I didn't even know this site existed.
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    6ohMax Well-Known Member

    Quite honestly, I'm consider myself to be a heavy smoker of both flower and shatter...I took a swab test and passed. ..just refrain from tokin the day of and brush ur teeth well and use a listerine or something. ..I passed ...did the test..waited..she told me to step outside ..came in 5 min later and said I passed

    VWRANDY1979 New Member

    awesome thanks!

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