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just started flowering my blue dream &hashplant (pics)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by le' rukkus, Apr 6, 2009.

    le' rukkus

    le' rukkus Well-Known Member



    So this is my first legit grow/ grow room, im flowering the hash plant early cus i got a bunch of seeds comin in anyways so i decided to flower it with the blue dream, but yeaaaa this is week one of flowering, the plants are blue dream (clone 2/18/09) & hashplant (seed 2/20/09). any comments/ tips/ ideas are appreciated (i have an inlet of cool humid air coming in the bottom corner you cant see) but im gonna add another fan in there to breeze the plants more cus the HPS gets it much hotter in there now. and im also gonna add a fan to my lite to keep that cooler.

    more pictures soon!

    remicell Member

    Would like to know hov big the growbox is and how powerfull HPS ?
    Just curious cuz i wanna change my 6cfl to 1 150w hps . :)
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    Holly shit this has 5,500 views and only one reply other than mine! LOL

    blazedapurp Member

    the thread was started back in 09

    Shivaskunk Well-Known Member

    awesome juxtaposition of very sativa characteristic and very afghanica/indica charactristics

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