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just ordered some bubble bags!

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by drolove, Dec 29, 2012.


    drolove Well-Known Member

    super excited about making some hash!
    got 220, 160, 73, and 25 micron bags coming.
    who all else uses bubble bags to make hash?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    We do, but not as often as five years ago, when we extracted most of our oil from bubble, to avoid the chlorophyll and water solubles. As almost all of our oil goes into orals or topicals, we have since developed a non polar solvent extraction that meets our needs without the added step of making bubble hash or dry sieve first.

    Bubble extraction is also limited as to how much you can extract, before starting to unduly contaminate the harvest with green plant matter, so we still do a non polar extraction of material that we have already processed for bubble, to glean the residuals.

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Youll find many here who like to make bubble hash .. Enjoy the hash but pay attention to trichome sizes and learn to master the art form and you will have many grades of hash stashed away in no time ..

    I prefer the bucket and hand stir method but due to physical disabilities I now use a washer at the counter and all water gets spun out and into the kitchen sink therefore making it easy and light weight work ...

    drolove Well-Known Member

    HAHA! great idea with the washer!!

    trichmasta Active Member

    I make solvent less extracts as much as possible!! I've been helping friends and other patients In the community with processing their sugar leaf into dabable magic!! Loving the art and the huge medical values it has in my life!!

    bless all

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Yeah, we switched to a counter top washing machine too! We've had ours long enough, that I had to put together a 2:1 transformer, so as to run the Chinese 250V 50 cycle motor, but it works as well as the newer ones offered in 120VAC.

    Before that I used a wooden spoon or a mud mixing paddle in an electric drill, and one of our group used a mixer with a dough hook. The secret is to stir the material, without breaking it up, so a low shear process is required.

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