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Just ordered "Secrets of the West Coast Masters"

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bugontherun74, Mar 22, 2012.


    bugontherun74 Active Member

    I just ordered "secrets of the west coast masters" and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I just wanted to see if anyone has this book and if you found it useful and if so how were your yields while following this guide. I would love to get over a pound per plant as im only allowed to grow 6. Thanks

    Oriah Well-Known Member

    Good book. great "advanced" technique in there. the "NEWS". I use it every time now, and i love it. Check out my "Jillybean Kickassery" journal in my sig.

    fmgeek Active Member

    I have recently been posting this to CL.org, and it was suggested I post it here, so... Hi!

    It was suggested by a few that my info-ad was a rip-off of Dru West's book "Secrets of the West Coast Masters" which isn't entirely unfair.
    Regarding Secrets of the West Coast Masters:
    I read everything I can get my hands on in this industry. This includes paying $50 for "Secrets of the West Coast Masters." I highly recommend this book. While, arguably, not bringing THAT much new to the table, Dru West did a great job of making it simple. I just want to take the next step and make it simpler. If you can't post it in a CL ad, you're making it too complicated. (to paraphrase an old saying.)

    The only thing I feel I've really lifted directly is the frame (pictured) and lettering system, the former being obvious and the latter being mostly omitted for just that reason. Unless you feel they have the copyright on my equation, which was also in their book, fancily titled "Mathematically Structuring Your Plants."

    All that intro aside, here's the info:

    Temp - 70-85 day (Colder=slower/safer, warmer=faster/riskier) above 60 at night
    Humidity - 60 - 70% veg, 40 - 60% flower
    Air movement - rustle leaves
    Air exchange - every 5 minutes
    (CO2 is awesome. Add it once you're dialed in. It should be the last thing you do, after you're already successful. Otherwise, I promise, you'll waste your time and money.)

    1) The bigger the containers, the better. I use 5 gallon hydroponic buckets, but have friends doing the same thing in even larger dirt containers - even just growing right in a cut-open bag of medium.

    2) (The "key") Don't let a "main cola" take over. Tie your tops down, and keep tying the branches down, pruning away anything that won't get full light; grow with an eye toward finishing with a nice even, wide, flat 4'x4' canopy. Veg for 6 ( to 8 depending on watts) weeks under MH until your canopy is almost 3 feet across, restraining the plant to maintain that even top canopy. Restraint can be accomplished by tying them down (holes in the container edges work well) or building a frame and attach the branches with string (insulated wire works well) OR.. just use trellis netting.

    3) Prune Prune Prune! By the time flowers start forming, have removed anything that won't get full light, or is below the canopy. Since your branches are horizontal, cutting anything that's pointing down is a good place to start.

    4) Plan Plan Plan! Plan early, harvest more at the end. Making sure each node will be well-placed is what it's all about. Too many, and they all suffer... Too few, and you're wasting resources.

    5) Light your canopy with a 1000w light. (3 plants under 2 1000W HPS lights will yield great results. Hang a 400W MH between them, and you'll see results that blow your mind.)

    6) Allow no stress once flowering starts, (i.e. don't let them dry... no light leaks, no quick increases in nutes... etc.) and you should be off to the races.

    Using 6" trellis netting, if you can get one top per hole, you can grow 64 tops to 1/4oz each.
    Your grid is 8X8 = 64 tops
    64 X .25 = 16oz
    See? That's a pound, baby, and that's easy math.

    You're welcome.

    Your comments would be more than welcome.
    Free, simple, accurate help for growers is my goal. If you have info that should be added, let's discuss.

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