Just found seeds.

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    Just harvested my 2 girls last night and while going thru the leaves and popcorn buds( gonna try to make hash from them) I found 2 seeds.
    My question is what will come of these if I planted them?
    Will they be females or just fucked up hermies?
    Thanks for any answers as I'm courious to know.

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    Any advice?

    Coho Well-Known Member

    Female plants with the same chance at hermi genetics. Probably low as it sounds like a stray nanner.. not a 100% deal tho..bug pollen'etc
    cannabis love

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    ^^^What Coho said. Most likely they will be females with a chance of hermaphroditism. If you have access to other seeds I'd say just toss them in a field somewhere unless you like to experiment :D

    THC4ALL Member

    Thanks guys.
    My plants hermied in the 10th week of flower. Cause I had a light leak.
    I let them flower for 12 weeks. Took a sample and was impressed with what I smoked.

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