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Just become a patient! -- Now for the farm...

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by Jah348, Jan 3, 2013.


    Jah348 Active Member

    Hey guys, I just found this regional part of the forum that I hadn't realized was there before. I'm thinking you guys could provide a little more experienced help for me in putting together a farm. I'll try to shift my thread from the newbies place over here.

    Anyways, I'm sure you guys know there's the limit of 6 flowering plants an 12 non flowering. My basic idea to garner a high quality return is to split this up into two tents. In the first tent there will be 2 or 3 mothers, X clones, 3 early veg, and 3 later veg. In the next tent will be 3 early and 3 later flowering plants. As far as I can tell (not very far) this could be one of the more efficient ways to have this set up.

    Essentially the whole set up is divided between groups of 3 with a set amount of time between each group to move up to the next spot. Roughly a 5 mo. grow cycle per plant (?)

    With an obsession for quality and a preferably frequent harvest, how does this sound? Better yet, what would you guys suggest for me to do.

    -- I like tents and have a budget of around $1,000 just to get an understanding of where I stand.

    OH!... clones? :weed:
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    Only plants that are larger than 12" tall AND 12" across count toward the vegging allocation. Seedlings (plants smaller than 12"x12") are not limited.

    Jah348 Active Member

    that doesnt really change much for me. Once those did reach 1' x 1' they would still be vegging and at a 12 plant limit.

    ...wait were you just agreeing to what I said? I'm really lost by that post.
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    I was clarifying. You said you can only have 12 non-flowering plant, which is only semi-accurate. You can have more than 12 plants that aren't flowering as long as they are small.

    Jah348 Active Member

    ah yes I understand. I was referring to anything in that size bracket as clones; I suppose that isn't always entirely correct.

    But anywho on to the point. I'd have to assume you take care of some sort of farm in Maine judging by the avatar and name. How did you get set up?
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    In what sense? I've been in the canna-biz for most of my adult life and made some friends along the way, one of whom has a seed vending business. From there it was mostly reading and participating in internet forums.

    Jah348 Active Member

    I meant to say, assuming that you're a patient that grows for personal use within your home, how did you set up your farm. I'm hunting for some sort of experienced guide on how to set up a farm with the given legal restrictions. What is the most efficient way for a maine patient to grow the best quality at a reasonable rate of harvest.
    Shark Bait

    Shark Bait Member

    Every ones "farm" is different, depending on space, style, and money. I think to get the help you need, first what is your space, second what is your style, are you soil or hydro or some version in between, what do you have for gear, have you ever grown anything before? Just a few questions to get you going.

    Depending on your experience level, which I'm guessing, is not very high, you should get some bag seeds, practice starting them, then take some clones, then sex them, then flower and harvest, do this a few times and then go looking for better genetics.

    thats my 2cents.

    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    I started running a 4x4 tent with a 600w HPS. That light lasted about one harvest and was upgraded to a 1kw HPS. Jah gives good advice, about the only thing i'd add is to use a coco coir based medium (peat moss is tricky with cannabis), which you may have to find at a hydro store instead of garden or hardware store.

    Jah348 Active Member

    I'll be working soil and I have a spare room to grow in. currently 6ft wide and about 20ft(?) long. My budget would preferably be around $1,000 obviously I'd want to spend less if it would have the same results. I want to have 1 tent for vegging and mothers with a T5 light, and another for flowering with either one 1000w light or 2 600w lights. I wanted to know how that sounds to people with 6 flowering plants in two stages then # of clones to keep the flowering cycle going. My question are coming down to how large these tents need to be, and does this set up i have sound like a successful one. With the legal limitations in maine does this sound like a good way to do things.

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I got a 5' x 8' tent to do my drying in, and also use it for flowering a few plants between chops. I can fit 8 plants comfortably in it to harvest. Given the space you describe, two of these would fit nicely. They cost $250 each, but well worth it. Zippers/access on all sides, vecro'd vent ports all over the place, lots of places to hang stuff, a great setup. Got mine at HTG but they sell them everywhere I'm sure.

    Edit: the great thing about a tent is containing the smell and having great control over the enviornment. I did learn one thing though; I believe that I initially had too much blower in the tent. I went with a large (400+ cfm) and I think it was sucking the air through so quickly that the carbon didn't have a chance to scrub it properly. I happened to have a smaller one in another room and it's better.

    sfrjosh Member

    Some Definitions
    Gray Fade out mean they Crossed it out

    4-A. Incidental amount of marijuana. "Incidental amount of marijuana" means any
    amount of nonflowering marijuana plants, flowering marijuana plants that are 12 inches or less in height
    and 12 inches or less in width and marijuana leaves, seeds, stalks and roots.

    4-B. Mature marijuana plant. "Mature marijuana plant" means a harvestable female
    marijuana plant that is flowering and is greater than 12 inches in height and 12 inches in diameter.

    9. Qualifying patient. "Qualifying patient" or patient means a person who has been diagnosed
    by a physician as having a debilitating medical condition and who has received the physician's written
    certification recommending medical use of marijuana.

    Prepared marijuana. "Prepared marijuana" means the dried leaves and flowers of the
    marijuana plant that require no further processing and any mixture or preparation of those dried leaves
    and flowers, including but not limited to tinctures, ointments and other preparations, but does not include
    the seeds, stalks, leaves and roots of the plant and does not include the ingredients, other than marijuana,
    in tinctures, ointments or other preparations that include marijuana as an ingredient or food or drink
    prepared with marijuana as an ingredient for human consumption.

    1. Qualifying patient. Except as provided in section 2426, a registered qualifying patient may:
    A. Possess Obtain and possess up to 2 1/2 ounces a 2-month supply of prepared marijuana and an
    incidental amount of marijuana as provided in subsection 5
    in an amount not to exceed 10 ounces.
    A qualifying patient may possess an incidental amount of marijuana, which is not included in the
    amount of prepared marijuana allowed in this paragraph
    B. Cultivate up to 6 mature marijuana plants if the patient elects to cultivate and the patient has
    not designated a registered primary caregiver or registered dispensary to cultivate marijuana on
    the patient's behalf.
    In addition to the 6 mature marijuana plants, the patient who is cultivating
    the patient's own marijuana may have one or more mature marijuana plants in varying stages of
    processing or cultivation in order to ensure the patient is able to maintain supply and meet personal
    needs. If 2 or more cohabitating qualifying patients cultivate their own marijuana, the cohabitating
    patients may share the same cultivation area

    C. Possess marijuana paraphernalia;

    D. Furnish or offer to furnish to another registered qualifying patient for that person'spatient's medical
    use of marijuana up to 2 1/2 ounces of prepared marijuana if nothing of value is offered or transferred
    in return
    E. Name Designate one person, hospice provider or nursing facility as a primary caregiver in a written
    document signed and dated by the qualifying patient.
    A 2nd person or hospice provider or nursing
    facility may be named designated as a 2nd primary caregiver if the patient is under 18 years of age.
    The primary caregivers for a patient are determined solely by the patient's preference as named on
    the application under section 2425, subsection 1
    except that a parent, guardian or person having legal
    custody shall serve as a primary caregiver for a minor child pursuant to section 2425, subsection 2,
    paragraph B, subparagraph (2)
    F. Designate one primary caregiver or a registered dispensary to cultivate marijuana for the medical
    use of the patient, except that a hospice provider or a nursing facility that is named designated as
    a primary caregiver by a registered patient and the staff of the provider or facility may not be
    designated to cultivate marijuana for the patient. The primary caregiver or dispensary that may
    cultivate marijuana for a patient is determined solely by the patient's designation on the application
    under section 2425, subsection 1
    G. Be in the presence or vicinity of the medical use of marijuana and assist any registered qualifying
    patient with using or administering marijuana.


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