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Just a noob saying hi.

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Jimmycrickets, Aug 26, 2013.


    Jimmycrickets Member

    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself and post a couple pics from some plants I got going. Nothing too crazy but I try and make it work.

    DSCN8236.jpg DSCN8213.jpg DSCN8206.jpg

    Jimmycrickets Member

    Everything is organic :)

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    They look GOOOD to me! I love that scope shot! I wanna learn how to do that! Nice ladies thanks for sharing! See a purple tinge coming into that flower you got a pic of very very nice.

    HeadieNugz Active Member

    Nice run, what genetics?
    And i deff needa learn that trick, can never focus right doing scope shots.

    bulastoner Well-Known Member

    Good job Jimmy. Welcome to RIU. I wish I could grow in my yard where I am at. This is a great community of growers.

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    jimmy, do you have powdery mildew? If not, you may have spider mites.

    Have you diagnosed the white spotting on your fan leaves?

    Jimmycrickets Member

    This has some thrips for awhile. Never did much damage besides making the leaves look bad. But its been happy 24/7 since I started it. Its not PM, it had thrips months ago. I dusted it with food grade D.E before the buds started. So its a mix of a light coating of D/E on the fan leaves and thrip bites. Around here we don't get powdery mildew :)

    Here is the one of the upclose bud shots from earlier.


    Someone mentioned purple earlier, and yes that girl has purple genetics. This is its parent which is Purple Kush (same strain as the big plant in first post)


    So about half of the genetics are purple half are not. I am growing GDP, Purple Kush, Purple Pebbles, Chemdawg D, Jack Herrer X G-13 and Deep Sleep

    As for the scope shots I only use a point and click nikon camera I got for 20 bucks so nothing special there. Then for the scope I just use my 45x pocket scope I got off ebay for a buck. Just stick the scope up to the bud then aim the camera directly down the scope. Here is a chemdawg pics from last week (almost finished at about 12% amber now)
    DSCN8066.jpg DSCN8067.jpg

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Ahh. It's the DE on your leaves that I'm seeing. I've used it before for fungus gnats and got a little on some of the leaves. That shit sticks like glue to whatever it touches!

    GandalfdaGreen Well-Known Member

    I want to hear all about the Chemdawg D. The Chemdawg strain is the backbone of most of my grows from the male side of things. The Joseph OG male from Gage Green is truly a special plant.

    Jimmycrickets Member

    Well my second biggest plant is a Chemdawg D which is in like week 3 or so. Then I got some chemdawg Ds about to harvest because for some reason they started to flower early, never revegged and are now right at about 60 days (12% amber id say, gonna pull it at 16-22%)

    I like chemdawg D. Never grown other Chems like Chemdawg, or chem 91. But this one is ultra potent, easy grow, good smell and taste. Branches are fairly strong and it can usually hold up the rather large nugs without support. Its smell has a faint blueberry in its final weeks and when it cures. Its the staple of my grows too as I know I can always count on it for large potent tastey nugs. In fact this year I am growing all new strains that I never have before, with exception to the Chem D.

    The only downside to chem D I can think of is it will sometimes have small bits of the nug dry up and die early. Never the whole nug, its just a small bit. I believe it happens because the nugs don't like the heat and since I had 2 flower right through middle of summer it screwed with them a tad. However Chemdawg can easily veg in 120 degree temps without problem. Keep it under 100 though for flower and preferably below 90.

    On another note for people who need plants that can take some heat G-13 and Jack herrer do fantastic. The seem to like high temps TBH. While the deep sleep I am trying out is not good at all in heat, even though the smallish nugs it is growing are incredibly frosty, I still won't be growing it again as its not nearly as hardy as the others. It hates temps over 90 and its buds are small compared to ones like the purple kush, the chemdawg Ds, or the purple pebbles.

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