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Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by GILBERT GOMEZ, Jun 28, 2013.


    GILBERT GOMEZ New Member

    I have been hearing a lot about juicing cannabis plant, from what I have herd its just all around great.. Not to get high just for other medical reasons like anti inflamitory. it seems from the videos on you tube that they mostly juice the fan leaves and not the nuggets... has any one tried this at all? if so please explain I am very interested in this.. also on a side note when I go to type in anything on the search engine here at riu I get a weird message and wont let me search anything, any one eles experience this??

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    http://tokesignals.com/cannabis-drink-your-medicine-a-poor-mans-guide-to-juicing/ youll find this useful. the search engine is currently down, also if you wanna juice for better health you need to also change your entire diet. mj is amazing but it isnt a 1 stop shop to better health you need to take care of yourself in better ways all around so they can all work together so you become a healthier person

    Edwards12 New Member

    Juicing is a very good technique for health and it helps the maintain your health that they mostly juice the fan leaves and not the nuggets.

    NietzscheKeen Well-Known Member

    It can't possible taste good, can it?

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    One of my patients takes all my trimmings (fan leaves) and juices them or eats them with other veggies/fruits.

    He has been battling an unknown stomach and thyroid issue for many years now. After ingesting the leaves he feel's "more peppy and absolutely no stomach pain".

    Like the others said though don't just juice Cannabis. Get healthy all the way around.

    Mixed it tastes like an eatable. Hemp protein powder is worse.

    Katatawnic Well-Known Member

    I eat raw cannabis, both leaves and buds. I don't use a juicer and throw all that fiberous pulp away, though. I put the leaves and bud with my oher fruit & veggie goodies into my NutriBullet, and consume everything.

    It greatly diminishes my severe systemic inflammation and puts a large dent in my pain. No high whatsoever... though more than 10-12 grams (raw, wet) will make me feel sleepy, but still not high, which is great when I want to enjoy *and* remember my lower pain day. :)

    My perpetual grow cycle is.now back on track, and I will be able to have my cannabis raw every day instead of only on my worst days in the next few weeks, so I am looking forward to less inflammation & pain more often.

    As for taste? I think it is delicious raw! And I hate veggies! I got a NutriBullet so I could swallow & keep down veggies by covering the taste with fruit. I do still make a full fruit/veggie smoothie, but with raw cannabis in there it tastes better to me. It tastes much like it smells when raw before any drying.

    I also freeze it. I have a jar with buds and a large ziplock with leaves, in my freezer. This way I don't have to worry about it going bad. All my fruits & veggies for smoothies are in my freezer. Just grab what I need and blend. Like a milk shake, but very healthy.

    Yesterday I put into my NutriBullet...
    6g raw cannabis buds
    4g raw cannabis leaves
    raw spinach
    raw cashews, almonds, sunflower kernels, flax seeds
    raw honey (for sweetening and for inflammation)
    protein powder (makes it a full meal)

    Add water and blend. Yummy, and medcinal! :hump:

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