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Journey Pipe & Journey Pipe Version 2 User Reviews & Opinions???

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by [email protected], Mar 26, 2013.


    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    (Just FYI: I don't work for Journey Pipe, I'm simply sharing my opinion & the opinions of other Journey Pipe users)

    Journey Pipe Version 1 Demo Video (Look How Quick & Simple it is to Clean This Piece):


    Original Journey Pipe Website: (http://www.journeypipe.com/index.asp)
    Journey Pipe Version 2 Website: (http://www.journey2.com/)

    So Ive been wanting this pipe ever since it first came out but there wasn't much info about it at the time, however there are now several user reviews online & about 95% of them say its either an excellent pipe or the best pipe they've ever owned, when a long time smoker who has used almost every kind of pipe on the market says a pipe is the best pipe they've ever used it MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!! Heads Up for anyone interested in buying a Journey Pipe, BE AWARE!!-->There are "cheap" (as in materials used & construction quality) Chinese knock-off versions of the Journey Pipe out there & there usually sold for the same price as the real Journey Pipe, a local head shop near me carries the knock-offs & the employee actually tried to sell me one saying it was the real Journey Pipe (the audacity of some of these guys), "ALL" of the Journey Pipes actually have Journey Pipe, journeypipe.com or Journey 2 inscribed on them in two places, if it doesn't say Journey Pipe then its not real, the knock-off versions use inferior metal, plating & magnets that will not function like the original Journey Pipe.
    So I FINALLY ordered a Journey 2 (Smokey Mirror Finish) yesterday (Monday, 25th) so I should get it either by Saturday 30th or next week some time, once I get it I'll do a thorough review & smoke report, possibly a video review since I couldn't find ANY user video reviews anywhere, only the demo videos posted. Now I'm not sure if I can post a link to another forum so I'm just going to copy & paste a couple post that were made by registered users of another weed forum reviewing the Journey Pipe:

    User Review #1:

    (For years I've been on this quest for the perfect pipe. For a long time I was convinced it would be a water pipe of some kind, but eventually I came to feel that my perfect go-to pipe should be a dry pipe. I took a short detour to try out vaporizing, and that satisfied me for a couple months, but then I began to crave the more full-bodied high you can only get from smoking. And I wanted the perfect toking tool to help me get there.

    Before you say, "glass spoon," let me specify that I don't like glass spoons. Unlike the rest of the known universe, I find them harsh to smoke and unpleasant to use, load, and clean. Plus they break. So, no thanks on the glass spoon. There's no accounting for taste, right?

    These were my requirements:
    * No screen (or built-in screen)
    * Easy to clean
    * Durable
    * Not glass
    * Smoke cooling would be nice but it's not required
    * It would be nice if it had a lid

    During my quest, I found and purchased several pipes, but they all had one flaw or another that was a deal breaker to me. I am psychotically perfectionist. The closest contender was the Model 419, an excellent pipe, but I thought the bowl was too small, among other quibbles.

    Finally, reluctantly, I made a decision that casting about for the "perfect" pipe, an ideal which does not exist, was not a valuable use of my time (and money), and settled on Frankenpipe, my old cheap metal pipe, to be my piece. He meets almost none of the requirements, but what can I say? He's reasonably tolerable to smoke, and I've had him since 1998. He's been a good friend.

    Literally the next day after cancelling my search for the perfect pipe, I became aware of the Journey Pipe. Life is funny sometimes.

    The Journey Pipe immediately became my permanent go-to pipe. It is, for me, the perfect pipe. And it was only fifty bucks shipped.

    User Review #2:

    (OK--so I got my Journey Pipe a couple days ago. Ordered mine from another site that was more expensive but had free shipping, AND I've ordered from them before. . . .

    Up to now, I alternated between an old brass Protopipe and the i420 Incredibowl. I love them both.

    Anyway--the Journey Pipe: I've only smoked 3 bowls out of it, and only cleaned it once, so this is strictly a "first impression" type impression.[​IMG]

    If this were a man, I'd marry him. It's perfect. As I said before, I don't much care for glass either unless it's a water pipe. I break everything. You can't break this thing. The finish is beautiful, but looks incredibly impervious to scratches and dings--we'll see.

    It has a lid. I'm always shoving my pipe in my pocket when I'm at home. You know how it is----sometimes you gotta stash it quick to hide from parents, roommates, (or in my case--kids [​IMG]), and I really prefer a lid. I also use the lid as a handle. You can pull the lid off and use the narrow end to stir the bowl if needed. Although you can tell the designer didn't intend it to work out that way, it really does stir the bowl well. The lid swivels left or right but doesn't do a 360 like the protopipe lid does. Also, the magnet is perfect--not too tight, but never too loose, either. it has gear-teeth looking things to help hold it in place.

    The bowl is actually pretty big. It's fairly deep, but also wide. I like it. No screen is used, and unless you ground your buds to dust, I don't see how you could suck crumbs through this. The reason there's no need for a screen is probably the coolest thing of all:

    It's actually two layers of metal held together with perfect magnets, and a lid on top. You can buy the pipe at Grasscity.com here

    It's genius. I'm always skeptical of "just wipe it out with a tissue" claims on pipe cleaning. Not only do I break things, I spill things, and make messes all the time, too. I haven't tried wiping it with a tissue while it was cold, but you really CAN wipe it perfectly clean if you do it while the bowl's still warm.

    The size is perfect too. Didn't measure it but it fits in my hand with plenty of room to spare. Yes, it's metal, but doesn't taste nearly as bad as some of those anodized pieces can taste. It does feel a little awkward to hold until you get accustomed to it. Doesn't really feel balanced, for whatever that's worth. It's odd-shaped, small, and slick.[​IMG]

    I guess I should mention the case it comes in too--it's hard black plastic, with a little "river stone" looking glass oval on the front. Inside, it has a section for the pipe, a little stash compartment under the pipe handle, and a section for your lighter. It looks super cool, but honestly I won't use it. Plastic stinks when you store pipes in it (think plastic ashtrays).

    I've tried a billion different toking tools. This might be the best one. I'll have to keep using it. . . . . [​IMG]

    And NO, I don't work for them, or anything like that. In addition to being clumsy and destructive, I talk a lot when I'm high. Since I'm up early, I thought I'd smoke up and share my thoughts on this pipe. I love reading reviews before I buy anything, so all you awesome review writers, this one's for you. [​IMG] I hope this helps someone out.

    , THANKS.

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Journey Pipe Version 2 Demo Video:


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