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Jordan of the islands

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by DigitalTorture, Apr 25, 2017.


    free420info Member

    Great post and great thread!
    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Blue cheese from Joti....took her down on day 57...Made for some strong medicine..rock hard buds with a very nice berry/flowery smell, similar to a lot of Shishkaberry or nuken flowers that I’ve come across. I had 3 plants and they where basically identical.......my only complaint would be that it’s not very cheesy.
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Joti has some really potent stuff, that's for sure.....
    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    I just noticed Joti has released a bunch of new Godbud crosses. I decided to grab Gods Dosie Pie....”Our award winning God Bud gets more sweeter and earthier with this pairing of Inhouse Genetics Dosie Pie (Dosidos x Velvet Pie (f2)). God’s Dosie Pie is a fast flowering (55 – 60 Days), above average yielding, medium size marijuana plant that’s ideal for indoor or outdoor growing. It’s ideal for both commercial and craft production, novice and seasoned growers who are seeking something different. Unlike most God Bud pairings, God’s Dosie Pie may be topped to create a more branchy plant.”

    He’s still throwing in a free pack of seeds breeders choice in every order....so you can’t beat $65 fir two pack of seeds.

    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I did a short run of gods amnesia haze. Solid stuff.
    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    I got a small Blue Cheese at Day 47


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