Jock Horror feminized Auto-flower / what the hell?

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    happycamper15 Well-Known Member

    Well to those berating autoflowering strains, I offer you this.

    This was my journal of my Russian Rocket Fuel Autoflowering grow. Finished 2 plants in 10 weeks, yielded almost 2 oz of stinky, sticky, potent bud.
    I am almost 5 weeks into another grow of Mdanzig's sour 60.

    I love the speed of these plants. An oz per plant in 10 weeks or less. Plants stay under 24" tall, and I fed them ZERO nutrients. I use Miracle Grow Moisture Control Soil, and it feeds them nicely for over a month and a half which is perfect.

    All I am saying is don't bust auto's until you've tried em. They've come a LONG way since they first came out.

    Michiganman247 Active Member

    I have a journal going on a couple autos, Lowlife's Auto-Blueberry, Easyryder, and Barney's Farm Flower Power.

    Edit: nm just realized you said these, sorry havn't tried these ones...yet.

    justforspam24 Member

    That is one hell of a promotion. I just may be ordering seeds again sooner then I thought. How did you find that promotion? I went to their website but couldn't find it.

    Edit: I just went through and did the cost per seed and totaled them and it came to $82.13 minus the Sour Kush as I couldn't find it. So if you order you are essentially getting $90 or so in free beans. And for someone like me who isn't sure what kind of strains to buy or even which I like more indica or sativa this is really great. Plus they are all femmed another bonus since I am going to be using a DWC or similar setup where its a pain to remove plants after sex shows.

    Polecat Active Member

    The main selling point for me was the ease of perpetiual grows in 1 cabinet. Also the short height. Hell they must be bastard strains thats why nirvana bred them and are trying to sell them. along with many other breeders. Auto's ARE the best thing since the HID for small indoor grows as far as i'm concerened.

    StlSoldier531 Active Member

    YAYYYYY!!!! We have an Auto Jock Horror...I keep telling everyone that Autos are the future....anyone who can't see it by now is either blind, in denial, or just a plain fool...hahahaha

    justforspam24 Member

    I think that once people see they can get decent yields and a potent smoke in a short period of time they will be more accepted but people will always want non-autoflowering plants as well. This is because people that do not want re-order seeds or having to germinate seeds all constantly are just able to keep a mother plant. Chances are when I get things going the way I want I will have 2 auto-flower plants going along with 3 or 4 regulars so I essentially have fresh buds coming off one plant or another all the time. That way I can assure I don't ever run dry and it will allow me to sample several different strains over a short period of time.

    hippypicker Member

    True that! Auto's are pretty awesome, although the yields aren't as good they are great outdoors on the prairies where a 4 or 5 foot plant would stick out like a sore thumb and I really like how fast they're growing too. :)

    THESkunkMunkie Well-Known Member

    I too got the same freebies from Attitudes may offer!! Mine are now 11 week from germination and they're now over 3ft tall too!! I'm glad I have the space to cope with this. Only since week 10 have the pistells started to show!! But I think this may be down to my error as I'm growing them in 11L pots (pot culture), medium used R/w cubes & hydroton and feeding them by hand.They've been on 18/6 cycle too because they're in with my main veggin' grow, I've only got the one room for all my cultivation so...
    I don't think they'll flower proper now till I put the whole room into 12/12 at the weekend, I've never done or thought of doing auto's before either!! just thought I'd try them out as they were free, but I wont be doin them again

    Mjane75 New Member

    did any of them make it to harvest

    Mjane75 New Member

    you say that word a lot after posting dribble

    StlSoldier531 Active Member

    True that...I don't think they will ever replace photoperiod strains...but yeah they are always good to have in the grow room so that you can harvest them quickly while waiting for the regulars to finish flowering...

    rookie13 Member

    Hello me to 2 going now 30days old under 24/0 do u know if I should change my light cycle maybe 20/4?
    retired pothead

    retired pothead Member

    nirvana jock of horror, feminized auto, under 2-90w led,24/7 18" distance from top, 4 weeks after jermination and no flowering sign, I will try to post pics when i learn how to post them, anybody else with that strain? first time with auto, any advice?

    medigrow420 Member

    Auto jock horror 1st week of flower
    Really have had fun with this girl she only gone 5 weeks.
    Got her and one other auto in 1st week of flower
    Jock horror showing a lot of indica pheno hoping for sativa high.
    From sativa seeds .....

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    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    ... and if I wait an extra two weeks, I can easily beat 2 ounces a plant which would actually be worth smoking. I grow in a closet, my space is limited yet I manage to pump out more than enough top grade smoke which puts autos to shame. Plus I save on electric. To those saying "oh while I was until photos finish up", fuck that, shit now that space is for another quality plant to take a space under my 400.

    Autos do not compete on the same level as actual drug variant cannabis. The moment you've introduced auto flower genes into the mix, you are also adding a bunch of fiber producing genes which are unwanted for those seeking actual quality cannabis.

    I've grown two freebie autos, absolute utter shit. What a waste of my time and resources. I couldn't even give it away and the one positronics freebie produced a headache high reminiscent of shit brick Mexico shwag...actually I'd buy Mexi brick before auto flower (and to be honest, Mexican ganja can actually be really amazing if you find the right connect, generally though it's been dried quickly and pressed, ruining most of its good qualities prior to reaching the states, but i haven't had Mexi in years, but if one gets the chance to try quality Mexican sativa, fucking buy it!)

    Even with limited space, there is no reason to resort to low quality genetics. Auto flowers are simply a novelty. No serious grower or smoker who cares about quality and potency would ever grow autos. Have yet to see any lab report showing these claims (most breeders lie), and when people claim autos to be as good as photo period plants, I have to wonder if that person has actually had access to high quality medsm

    charlestonchunk Well-Known Member

    My jocks are grown nowin coir hydro mix. Just floralicious and nova, i cant upload on this ipad but look at my recent journal. They r da bomb, 8 weeks just flowering inch a day

    charlestonchunk Well-Known Member

    Prolly right tonight but i got a few mommas. I agre with you but they are good fillers

    charlestonchunk Well-Known Member

    No offence man but my auto jock Are much biggeris bigger than your entire plant. My stems are almoast amd inch thick

    charlestonchunk Well-Known Member

    Sorry. Aurora soiless hydro mix. Ass load nutes im pumping them. 600 hps
    Floa nova bloom up to 1.6 ec allmoastv1700 ppm. 6.5 ph hand water pump drip

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