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Job Drug Test Detox Kit. Vale does it work? Safe after expired?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by learning05, Jun 17, 2013.


    learning05 Active Member

    Hi RIU,

    Not sure if this is the best area for this thread but I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with using Detox Kits specifically the Vale detox kit. The kit I have was bought 2 years ago but has never been used. The Detox Solution has expired in 2011. All the supplements and drinks are sealed and it has been stored in a cool environment. Basically, I am job-hunting and am pretty sure some employers will perform urine based drug-tests.

    The kit I purchased came with Vale (links to vale product descriptions): Two Detox Solution Bottles (expired) Flax Boost Pills, Perma Clean, Two packs of PreVale (First Step to Detoxification). It also came with a thc test kit which has also expired.

    Besides the two Detox Solution drinks, I don't think the other supplements have expired.

    So my questions are: Has anyone ever tried these Vale products? Does anyone know if it is safe to consume the solution after the expiration date? How does the RIU community deal with drug tests? ALSO personally how do you deal with not having weed in your life? I live pretty much alone and my friends are in different cities. So w/o weed in my life, I would like to hear ideas on how to deal.

    More information about the kit and directions: HERE

    *I don't have the 4x sol just the regular linked above*



    RPM371 Well-Known Member

    "Does anyone know if it is safe to consume the solution after the expiration date?"

    Just as safe as drinking Gatorade that expired in 2011. The diarrhea will help flush your system.

    On a more serious note: How fucking cheap are you? Buy a fresh kit.

    learning05 Active Member

    Thank you. Well at this moment I am pretty low on funds. I can afford to get another kit if necessary but that will still make my life harder financially. The reason I ask is because those solutions are creatine mono which I usually consume after my workouts anyways. I weight lift 6 days a week and apart from the potential drug test, I am on a cutting/body fat reduction regime. I also drink a lot of water, take a mulitV, fish oil, and CLA.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    eek 2011. no i wouldnt use it. maybe if it was like a week over expiration but not 2 years

    learning05 Active Member

    What about their supplements? Those should be fine right? Also considering they have been sealed.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    if ya have to ask, dont consume. i wouldnt even touch it . just because something is sealed doesnt mean its chemistry hasnt changed
    Doc Notch

    Doc Notch New Member

    I have one 100% tested Vales 15 day cleanse Perma Clean! I purchased 2 bottles so I could truly put it to the test and erase all doubts if this product works or not!
    I weigh 200 pounds and have only smoked high grade marijuana for 1&1/2 months
    I am on day 24 of using this product and it's not working. I'm am still testing dirty. I still have some time before I get tested but as of day 24 it has not worked. I will keep you posted!

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    getting closer.
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    srh88 Well-Known Member

    youll just be clean soon enough here.. few days.. or poop in the cup
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