Jillybean photos 3 weeks from flip

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    Hey Folks!

    Just a little Jilly update -- the girls are looking good! I flipped three weeks ago, and here we are today. This morning was the first time I've been able to see a wee bit of frostiness appearing. So excited to see how they're going to progress over the next 5-6 weeks!

    I'm using AN's simple micro, grow and bloom. I know people like to cut out the nitrogen in flowering, but I'm going to keep it going. My feeling is that a plant that's healthy all over knows how to grow properly.

    Any comments or advice on keeping these girls healthy and happy for the next month and a half would be appreciated!

    Week 3 from flip.jpg Week 3 from flip 2.jpg

    They stretched 2-3 times, as some of you predicted. I'm not unhappy about that, though I did have to buy a taller tent. The advantage of it is it opens up more space for light to hit bud areas. I think from now on I'll always try to flip for the space of my smaller tent, but if I misjudge I'll have the bigger tent to fall back on.

    Thanks to everyone here for helping me get to my first harvest! (eventually).


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