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Jiffy Pot question- When should I transplant?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fedpap, Oct 12, 2010.


    fedpap Well-Known Member

    Hello All at rollitup !

    Hope y'all are doin' great ! I have just started my second attempt on growing and I would like to share my journey with you all. After I was beaten by spider mites and green worms on my last grow, cleanliness and pest control is of utmost importance now! :-P

    I am growing in an unused bathroom where the temperature is cool all throughout the year. I have a radiator in the room in case the temperatures drop down. I also have a medium sized extractor fan sucking up stale air. I have 2 passive intakes on the floor which were originally water drainage holes. I have a small fan blowing in the room to have some air circulation.

    On October 4, I put my seeds (2 Lowlife Auto AK47-fem, 1 Haze Automatic-fem, 1 Roadrunner-fem, 2 Pink Heirloom Tomatoes and 2 Spanish Tomatoes) in between 2 wet paper towels and waited for them to germinate.
    On October 5, half of them started to sprout and I thought I would plant them the next day.
    But the next day, I had an emergency travel I had to make and I was out of the city. When I was back on October 7, some of the sprouts had reached the length of almost an inch and a half, though not too straight which was good.
    I took great care planting them in jiffy pots 2 inch jiffy pots and none of them were harmed.
    The only one that did not germinate was a Spanish tomato seed.

    It has been 6 days since they were put in jiffy pots and there is one plant that is supposed to be a Spanish tomato that looks an awfully lot like cannabis !! :-P

    My guess is none of the 2 Spanish tomato seeds popped and I miraculously had a twin sprout from a seed!! At the time of planting the 2 sprouts -which I though were different plants- were very close to each other. So that's my theory of the twin sprouts :-o


    Here is my question:

    What do you guys and gals think of my growing environment and when do you suggest I transplant the jiffy pots to my 2 gallon containers?

    The plant that is reaching upwards had its seedcap stuck to it since yesterday until I gently tipped it off. And the one that still has its seedcap on seems to be doing OK, so I won't be touching it. The two pink heirloom tomatoes seem to be coming through as well. I put quarter dose of BioBizz Root Juice in their spray water and they are growing in BioBizz Light Mix (run-off ph 6.5). The next pot will have All Mix in it.

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated. When shall I transplant these babies to their permanent homes? I don't want them to go rootbound. Do they look healthy to you? Are they a bit slow because of my late planting of the already germinated seeds?

    6 Day old seedlings:
    IMG_3247.jpg IMG_3240.jpg IMG_3245.jpg
    This is the one that had the seedcap stuck until I removed it. The cotyledon was stuck in between the seed shell.
    And here is the mystery sprout:
    This is the grow environment:
    IMG_3257.jpg IMG_3237.jpg IMG_3252.jpg IMG_3242.jpg IMG_3251.jpg IMG_3253.jpg IMG_3256.jpg

    Thanks :weed:

    marijuananation Well-Known Member

    They look pretty small to be transplanted. I would give them a week to ensure that you have a nice solid root base to work with.. you dont want to go through the trouble of germinating them for nothing.
    another thing you can do is gently remove the plant from the cup and see how much root development there is. if there are alot of roots and they are twisting around the outside of the soil around the cup, then it is probably time to transplant.
    But you should wait until atleast the 2nd internode or leaf forms on the plant.. it is way to little at this point in it's life.

    hope this helps..
    Peace and happy growing..

    fedpap Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input marijuananation.

    I'm having second thoughts about the jiffy-pot choice.

    Do you think they are normal size for 6 day old seedlings or a bit small? Am I overthinking? :)

    fedpap Well-Known Member

    I put the same post on the Newbie section but nobody seems to care.

    I just want the opinion of a pro , for the general look of the op

    Do they look healthy to you experienced ones?

    Normal growth for 6 day old? They are autos.

    Anything wrong you spot please share with me... Thanks.

    fedpap Well-Known Member

    Logan Rhodes

    Logan Rhodes Active Member

    Looks good to me. Keep it up & keep posting...
    Logan Rhodes

    Logan Rhodes Active Member

    I would give them at least another week before transplant. If you move too early, stress at this stage could be irreversible.

    fedpap Well-Known Member

    Thanks Logan Rhodes ! :-P

    I already transplanted them though if you could call it transplanting. I just put them in with their 2 inch jiffy pots into the new soil. The jiffy's had BioBizz Light-Mix in them. The new 8 liter pots have All-Mix in them but the top part around the jiffy has a handful of Light-Mix just to be safe with the nutes :)

    I just posted new photos on my journal:

    Would love to hear your opinions....


    91teggs Well-Known Member

    Hey bro m gunna be watching this...hopefully u got more pics soon.. only thing i noticed is a lil stretch not much but when you transplanted did u bury most of the stalk really close to the bottom of the first node?

    fedpap Well-Known Member

    Yea bro I tried to level all of them kinda. The more stretched ones were buried in deeper. But I didn't want to bury them too deep not to cause stem rot. They were still seedlings you know.

    Don't know if you noticed but there are plenty of new photos I posted in my journal for this grow.

    fedpap Well-Known Member

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