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Jamaican weed?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by overfiend, May 23, 2008.


    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    my buddy came back from jamaica with some seeds from what he says kicked his ass. has anyone grown jamaican weed? i dont know much about it any info would be good. what type of herb is typical to the area. and should my conditions be.
    Hong Chong

    Hong Chong Active Member

    I read an article about jamaican growers. It was a high times interview and they talked to some younger jamaican growers in their 20's, they were growing blueberry in their field. They said that the older growers (in jamaica) like to grow the old school strains like thai stick and shit, and they new or young growers stick to newer strains. The young guys said they import their seeds from a friend in the U.S. so i guess alot of the young growers import seeds. Thats all I can think to tell you.

    kronicsmurf Well-Known Member

    I don't know it could be some of that elusive jamaican gold i've always heard about but rumour is that it no longer exist:) best of luck on finding out what you got:) Peace

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    I'm doing 1 now that was brought back.........................great weed and they give it away...When I left Jamaica I had to throw shit away....I smoked about 20 joints a day and spent $10. CAD

    TomThom1987 Well-Known Member

    plz start a grow journal on that jamaica weed. or at least let keep us posted on how it goes......i would really like to know how that works out for you

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Me too...It was a very tasty weed...Kind of earthy taste..If you've never been there, you got to go at least once....I couldn't believe it....I walk out of the airport and I'm not 50ft from entrance when this guy comes up with a bucket of red stripes (their beer) and a sack of weed (14g approx) and says 5 dollar US. So $5 it is, done....So theres old twisty with a shit eating grin on my face and my friend, (whos a travel agent) says wait, It'll get better..better ???? how can this get better...........14g's- $5. better isn't possible. Shit I'm ready to spend my vacation in the Montego Bay airport parking lot..So onto the shuttle bus I get.....
    The driver is stoned as hell, and he turns to me and says need any weed ? Ahhh,
    what should I say....so I say I got some already.....he says "cool" and hands me a bag...approx 7g and says...if you like it I'm at the resort parking at 1 o clock everyday...So here I am in the fucking airport parking and I've got 2 sorts of weed. The shuttle heads to the resort, about 1/2 hour later we stop for a break at a rest stop.........guess what happened,, ya old twisty got another bag for a pack of Canadian Export A...approx 5 g.....By the time I got to my room I'm close to an once up & all for $5 & a pack of smokes..The next day we're walking back from the corner store with supplies and our arms are full of beer and shit and this guy walks up and asks if we need weed......I've already got some thanks I say and start walking away....the guy runs up a tosses a bag into my grocery sack and says, you need more and I'll be here all day.....I got back to room.......Fuck, about another 7g bag WTF, no wonder it 3rd world, they give all their shit away.....I was dumbstruck....the hole week was like that, try mine, take this, sample this, trade for smokes.....I spent $5 more..I got 2g's Jamaican hash.........Now, if you've never smoked Jamaican gum...sorry you've missed a treat. Boom...We'd auditioned to play at the club that night and I almost had to back out....I was so toasted......THE WHOLE WEEK COST$10.00 for dope....and I tossed about 6g's before I got to the airport.......and hear this...I tried with all my 42yrs of smoking experience to finish it all but noooo way..................
    Go there once in your life......it's unbelievable.............

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    I guess im going to jamaica = )


    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    Awesome story .. I wanna go there for my Honeymoon... are they tough about checking you at the airport ? could you mail some back to the states ?

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    I just wouldn't try it......You do not want to get jailed in Jamaica (or any foreign country) Mail is possible, but be smart....
    Guerilla Grower

    Guerilla Grower Active Member

    Jamaican weed must be awesome but if the stuff they was given you for free was good think about the stuff they keep for themselves
    the must grow some dank ass shit

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    That seems to be a North American foible....Screw the customer.....In Jamaica you smoke what he smokes is kind of the rule of thumb. There will always be "something better" but usually what they sell you is more than you can handle...No good if all the tourists are snoozing in their rooms all day anyway...
    Hard to spread cash around when you've fallen into a coma....It's the variety that you'll find different, not the intent..They are more than fair dealers...They will give you an oz if they think you'll BUY a few for $10..thats more than a days pay for some....and as much as us spoiled dopers like to think you can live on pot alone...........sadly you can't. Yeah at some resorts they (rip off dealers) are there, but if you go to the small shops, bars or any place where the "locals" go, there be gold in them thar hills.. Most of the resort dealers are Americanized by either living in the US or having some other US tie, as most resorts don't allow the locals onto the property. That why I'd suggest the smaller places & not the big all inclusive places.....shit you can spend a day without seeing a local, thats no good from a dope & educational point of view.

    el1 Well-Known Member

    lol i'd much rather be imprisoned in a foreign country , rather than be imprisoned in america.

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Wanna bet..........How well can you shit into a pail while getting the shit knocked out of you. You go to jail you're not going to be in the "tourist" area. You'll be closer to Kingston. Kingston is divided into garrisons. Like LA and the blood & crypts sort of territory thing...Kingston can have 25 murders a night. These garrisons are run by the local gangs who may only control 1 or 2 blocks which they block off at night to prevent others from entering their areas...........so I'd rather not accept their "extended visit" plan

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    cool feedback i'm starting these seeds next week and i'll post on this thread when i get into it thanks
    X MagicMushroom

    X MagicMushroom Active Member

    just got back from ocho rios and the weed was insanse. I had went to amsterdam last summer and honestly, the jamaocan tree put me on me on my ASS.

    madcow Well-Known Member

    i just got some seeds brought back to me from Jamaica i got them yesterday as a 420 gift! :)

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Good stuff.. my AV pic is a Jamaican seed I brought back.

    chitownsmoking Guest

    most jamiaican weed is hybridized like everything these days. you prolly wont find the huge thin leaved tropical sativa with 120 plus days flowering time your looking for guys

    $ava6e Active Member

    any way to take a bag back to america????

    madcow Well-Known Member

    i know a girl who brought back some hash,from Jamaica.ummmm she put it inside her :o it worked, she said she didnt even feel any discomfort :o so ya it worked but dont try it man not worth the risk !!!

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