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Jack Daniels Bong

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by balzac420, May 6, 2008.


    balzac420 Active Member

    So I dropped and broke the only piece that I got but i got a handle of jack which shuld be empty by the nite.:wink: Anywho has any of yall got any experience with making a bong out of a jack daniels bottle? I figure i should be able to cut a hole for the stem with a dremel i got, i just dont want to shatter the bottle. do yall think itll work? any ideas on how to cut through the bottle without breakin the glass wuld be much appreciated.

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    blow torch?

    balzac420 Active Member

    wtf r u sayin i shuld melt a hole in the bottle. thats so crazy it might just work. too bad i only have a dremel, a hammer, and a drill

    moonbeam Well-Known Member

    you can drill thru glass with a diamond bit

    balzac420 Active Member

    i got a diamond bit, but its liek 1/8th or 1/16th inch, which is alot smaller than my bowl and stem (1/2 inch). are u sure that it wont just shatter? i saw on mythbusters when they drilled through a glass door the whole thing shattered right in front of em.

    Wh00p Well-Known Member

    well if it breaks, buy another one, kill it and then try again..

    LemonHerb Well-Known Member

    This would be a cool thing to do with this old Jack bottle I have.. well kinda old, last year some lady at work gave me an unopened bottle of Jack that was dated to 1986.

    Wh00p Well-Known Member

    i have friend who has one of the first bottles of jack daniels to date..

    I was so close to coming back to his house and stealing his valuable sauce..
    but i have a heart.. >.<

    SuBlimE420 Well-Known Member

    make a waterfall out of it. cut 1-2 holes in the bottom, save the cap obtain a slider and your good to go... one bigass waterfall tho

    balzac420 Active Member

    alright i was drillin th ehole and my dremel's bit broke off. wtf is that. who wuldve thought that diamond vs. glass and glass would win. im gonna try again once i get a new bit. might just have to get a bit made just for glass cutting.wish me lucks dudes

    balzac420 Active Member

    o yea except a handle of jack is like 47 bucks around here. i dont have that kinda money to throw around, and i much rather be smoking right now outta a nice glass bong than drinking corn or whatever te fuck jd is made out of. cheers:joint::joint:

    JuggaloStoner420 Active Member

    Just drill a hole the size for your stem between the ridges and the"jack daniels" the put your stem in. If you want a mouthpeice just drill a hoel in the cap. I have two ones over at a homies house(its twice as big as this one) but here is the one i have currently[​IMG]

    I made the stem and etched the hatchetman on there. The stem was from a tire gauge

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