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It's finall started ! 8X8X8

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Wolfhound, Aug 29, 2011.


    Wolfhound Active Member


    DAKUSHMAN 49 Well-Known Member

    i like it what kind of ac do you plan on running?

    Wolfhound Active Member

    I have a frigidare 6500 btu that recirculates the room air. I put it up at roof level so I can vent the back of it out thru the roof without ducting, just box in the back & 8 inch or so opening to attic. Next I have fresh air from attic or house, depending on temps, for both the reflectors & passive grow room fresh air intake. I have exhaust fans (8 inch Valuline centrifugal 745 cfms) for both lights & room exhaust to be mounted in attic.
    At this point I am toying with running a down & dirty Co2 setup, sealed room.
    I have two Quantum ballast & xxxlmagnum (8 inch) air cooled reflectors for 600 HPS flowering setup. Also hqave the TITAN 4 gal ebb/flo setup, 12 bucket(AZ legal grow).

    Anyone comment or please help with suggestions for fine tuning setup !
    Thanx to all who stop by:peace:

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    greentinn Member

    great looking start to a pro-sounding room

    kindnugz Active Member

    Good luck with this! I have similar space and am looking forward to hearing about how it goes. There are so many tough decisions such as what size and how many lights, proper ventilation, security, etc. My seedlings are doing well so I better get started!
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    ak.fortyseven Well-Known Member

    Nice, I remeber the dys when i had the options you have now, make the best of it!! I am cramed into a 3x3 stealth. hehe

    Wolfhound Active Member

    Thanx ! Better get started is an understatement ! I put the walls up etc in two days and have spent the last weeks + trying to make sure design will work before moving further. General answers are easy but specifics are hard to come by. I have company this week so no work for a while (darn!). Party on Garth ...
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    cannabis420420 Well-Known Member

    subscribed :D
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    SmokesLikeBob Well-Known Member

    Very nice man! Can't wait to see a journal outta' this setup!
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    heemteamFTW Member

    i cant wait to see the out come of this, and also start my own.

    Wolfhound Active Member

    I will take pics as progress continues & hope to continue to learn. Realistically I think Im about a month from nearly completed. Would like to be done ASAP but...."it" happens. The truth is doing all the work alone & trying to get the design right for a great room is taking a bit more time than I had expected..

    SmokesLikeBob Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean man. My setup is only about half that size, and it still took me like 2 1/2 weeks to get it up and running! But if there's one thing i learned about designing and building grow rooms, it's that your work will almost never be done! There's always gonna be new ideas poppin' into your head!

    Wolfhound Active Member

    Im with you on that. Everytime I'm sure of the design, I find a better idea or tweak ! Quite a learning curve. My last indoor was 10X10 with 1k MH back in the 80s, down & dirty. This time I am building the room for growing from scratch.

    gfd Member

    hows the room going?

    dnoob Member

    @ Wolfhound, that is some awesome work you did, well built.....you got skills dude
    Thumbs up :)

    Wolfhound Active Member

    Thanks ! I've been off track since I had company for a week. I installed the ac, put in 4 single receptacle boxes, 2 boxes per 20 amp breaker(4 plugs per circuit) on romex 12-2 with 15 amp plugs. I should be ready to put up final wall on inside of room in the next day or two.
    From there I'll be in the attic installing the 2 valuline 8 inch fans (in boxes), one to exhaust room & one to pull air thru reflectors. I have both 8 inch insulated passive air ducts (1 for lights) coming from filtered register in roof of large closet in kitchen. I'll post pics in the next few days ! Still been over a 100 degrees here. I'll sure be glad when the temps start getting in the low 90s or less ! I burn out fast in the heat working.
    Now cruzing down the road on the bike :joint:with the sattelite radio playing thru custom earbuds in a 100 deg, no problem !

    SmokesLikeBob Well-Known Member

    Nice! Can't wait to see the finished project!

    dnoob Member

    Good to see you back, cant wait to see more pix as you progress in building this fine grow room of yours. :)
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    Wolfhound Active Member

    air.JPG pl.JPG
    A couple from project . . . The top plug box is 3 ft from roof, pretty high up & space apart to handle timers, CO2 dispenser, fan speed controllers(2), wall W fan, & flo/gro setup. I wish I would move a bit faster ! Gonna push next week to get finished with building room.

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    BCcannabis Active Member

    Definatly looking nice, gives me a few ideas for my garage grow.

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