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Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by mrcokeandcrown, Aug 17, 2012.


    mrcokeandcrown Active Member

    Which is Better ? I've only smoked bho Ive never messed with iso. Kinda Thinking mount about making a batch of wax an got to thinkin about iso an if it was good or not? Any input is welcome ..
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    gioua Well-Known Member


    it's all the same...

    Ohhhhhhh sure now your gonna hear from those who SWEAR ISO or BHO is 100% better cuz (insert inane reason here)

    thc is THC..
    eta.. not from MI so.. it may vary on your area. LOL
    take a bud take a joint.. take a hash hit..

    it ALL works

    (cept those who are SOOOOOOOOOOO convinced that the hash they made using Yetti boob milk is the bomb and "FIRE"

    when it all comes out in the wash...

    we would ALL be happy scraping the bowl to get at the resin (Except those who wont smoke anything but the hash made from a Unicorn who is 2 weeks from her menstrual cycleliving in Nepal raised on Yetti boob milk)
    4 2 0

    4 2 0 Active Member

    on that note... butane is more dangerous as far as the extracting, and all the iso oil i have smoked has been a darker color compared to the bright butane oil, but aslong as your cooking off whichever you use it is the same in the long run, from what ive been told its easier to cook out iso then butane though.

    Pissinyourtropicana Active Member

    Rick Simpsons run from the cure go watch it n tell me what you all think
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    They both work but the high from weed and hash is very different..

    mipainpatient Active Member

    Most people make ISO by letting it sit for days. Try it with 2 quick washes of the material (trichs dissolve REALLY fast in ISO) this way you get no/less chlorophyl, which is an instant and very real headache. An alternative to this method is to run the extraction in the freezer (chlorophyl solubility in ISO drops off pretty quick below 32F)
    My favorite thing to do is an ISO extraction of one nug, and spray/inject it into another nug, letting it evaporate the ISO off in between applications. Usually 2-3 applications will turn anything, even the bunkest bunk, into the dankest dank. And if it was so already, dear lord it becomes something completely different.
    HAve fun!
    O and using butane w/o ventilation (for BHO that is) is stupid at best, suicidal @ worst.

    don't use anything less than 90% isopropanol ideally 99%

    jordanallen447 New Member

    bho if made properly will be higher purity and be more flavorful. also i would 100% disagree that it is harder to remove butane than iso from your hash.. butane evaporates at 28°F so if the oil is agitated "whipped" for some time while on a heatsource of 120-150 degrees you will remove all the tane pretty quick, you can also just leave it on heat for hours like you would iso but at lower temps then to preserve flavors, or if you want to get advanced you can get a vac setup (and i would suggest this to any connoisseurs of hash/concentrates) because this will make the best possible product without getting into multi-solvent extractions.. the wax that you make after vacuuming your wax for several hours up to a day or so depending on howmuch you make and the temps used. the higher temps will purge the oil faster but burn off some of the terpenes (flavor) i would suggest keeping it under 150° and if your willing to wait longer for the best product keep it at 100° and vac it for 12-24 hours or until it looks fully waxed wich will mean the oil no longer looks glossy. if your would like to try this the vacum pump and chamber can be bought online for around 150$, if you

    jordanallen447 New Member

    also i would rank rick simpsons ethyl-hash oil above iso oil forsure

    cephalopod Well-Known Member

    At normal atmosphere butane has a boiling point of 10.94F(-11.7C), lower temps under vacuum.


    Resinxtractor Well-Known Member

    Here is some interesting information

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    Ambrosianextracts Member

    I ordered my oven directly from across international ..one of the best decisions I have made

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    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    I recently made some ISO, started with dry ice hash/keif, did a 30 minute wash and filter outdoors when it was -10 degrees a couple weeks ago and cooked off the ISO at a low temp. IMO it turned out every bit as good as quality BHO.

    Medical420MI Active Member

    That sounds like more work, Huel. Lol. The issue with most iso oil is that it has chlorophyll in it. green oil sucks. What kind of taste does your oil have?

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    I think both can be great, I personally run Iso because I have no place to work outside with butane, and have been so happy with my ISO results I kinda figured I"d leave the butane to guys with the right equipment.

    Its all about the technique with ISO. The quick wash, with below freezing temps on everything. I run my ISO washes for 20 seconds, after letting everything freeze at least over night. By the time I strain off the liquid the material is only wet for about 30-35 seconds total. The first wash always gives me a beautiful golden extract. The second always more amber but never real dark or black. After the washes I keep the solution in my freezer for a few hours and then filter it through 3-4 coffee filters(usually twice).

    I evap at room temp(well the temp of my basement) on top of my dehumidifer with a filter over the top of the dish to keep stuff out. The filter also causes the dry warm air from the exhaust to move over the dish. This will evap 1 quart of solution completely 24-36 hours(depending on those room temps :) ). The A grade wash is always either a shatter, or it will naturally form into a nice wax typically over the course of a few days while wrapped in parchment in my cupboard. The B grade is usually sort of a taffy texture but some times will wax of shatter as well.

    I've got a bunch of pics in my journal.

    NurseNancy420 Well-Known Member

    Yeti Boob Milk For the win!!
    I hear a strain name echoing through Himalayias ;)
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    The whole process took less than a two hours and 90% of that was labor free just waiting around for the soak, filtering and cooking. 20 grams of dry ice hash produced 8.4 grams of beautiful golden oil that's sweet as candy.

    Been trying to upload a pic but this site doesn't agree with my phone today.
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    Trying this again....


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