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is worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com legit or a scam??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by unshaved pubes, Aug 3, 2010.

    unshaved pubes

    unshaved pubes New Member


    kalen2 Active Member

    If you're wanting nirvana's northern lights why don't you just go through Nirvana's own site? Also I would never trust any seedbank and would always use a prepaid debit card with the exact amount needed just to avoid a bigger scam than there could be.
    Brooklynz Kush

    Brooklynz Kush Active Member

    That seedbank should be good.I heard good things about them also try attitude seeds.
    unshaved pubes

    unshaved pubes New Member

    because i heard this site actually doesnt scam but i wanted to double check here

    mathews Member

    To find a site is legit or not, you can do some methods. You can check whois lookup for a domain name. Visit the site WhoisXY.com here you can check whois information for domain name. If the information is public and looks legit,you can note the email id, contact number of the domain name owner or administrative or technical department or else sale department. It will help you to contact them if you have any problem after using their services or buying their products. Then you can visit the site ScamAdviser.com check whether the site is trusted or not. If the result will "High Trust Rating. This Site Looks Safe To use." It is good site. Then you can visit Webutation.info here you can read users or customers reviews, ratings and feed backs about the site and their services. If they said good, you can start using the site.

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    I've ordered only through them for 5 yrs now, always get my order, never had one issue,probably 7-10 orders? I've had a few friends use them, same thing no issues. I want to say the freebies are hit or miss, but don't take my word on that. I tend to buy what i want and sit on the free stuff for awhile before trying it. I'm about to pop a free white widow I've been sitting on for 2+ yrs now..we'll see how it goes.

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