Is this setup any good?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by fatc2k3, Feb 24, 2013.


    fatc2k3 Active Member

    Im still a noob and only grown a few successful grows under flo`s

    Im looking at purchasing this from ebay.

    1.Does this look like an ok setup would you recommend anything else to go with it ?

    2. How many plants would this hold sufficiently ?

    3. Anyone recommend an alternative?

    tia for any advice :)
    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    Get the mark 2 secret jardin tent, thats the old one. You'll need another fan and probably an air-cooled hood or cooltube as well

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    4" fan and filter included. Lol.

    4" fan will only cool a 250w hps.

    You'll need at least a good 5" fan and filter.

    My recommendation is a 6" RVK150E2-A1 fan with matching filter.


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