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Is this powdery mildew or residue from rain or something?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by swizz253, Sep 1, 2013.


    Rold2Tight Well-Known Member

    TWS and Burner89 are spot on. That shit's from leaf hoppers. :cuss: Seen it for weeks and been squashin' the little fuks for weeks. :twisted: If you have those stains, and wet spots, you almost certainly have leaf hoppers. From what I've read, unless you are infested with these guys, they don't hurt the plant all that much. If you're going to have a pest, this one isn't bad. I have seen no holes and no sick looking leaves or damaged stems, and I have killed maybe 8 adults (mostly bright teal blue) and like 20 immature white hoppers (took maybe 2 hours of watching, thumping and flicking to find this many over 2 weeks). Thump or flick a bud and see if anything falls or flies out. They hide under the leaves and on stems too, making them hard to spot. Just before dusk and early morning are the best time to spot the lil fuks. I tried some Don't Bug Me a few days ago and I haven't seen any wet spots, leaf hoppers or "stains" since. Got my fingers crossed and I'll keep y'all posted. ;-)

    R2T :peace:

    TWS Well-Known Member

    Depending on the type of hopper they leave different calling cards. lol Which I just read about in the link. Looks like some leave no secretion but do leaf damage. The kind I get just main vein the stems and suck a lot of plant juice. You can see tiny little bruises where one has been for a bit.

    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    the leafhoppers have several stages of development.. young leafhoppers are wingless and are very small ball-like creatures.. they are good at jumping.. the older ones with wings were white... then there were what appeared to be mature leafhoppers that were neon green. They really take a toll on plants and should be dealt with... also gotta look at the plants near your plants.. had to spray the whole area to get rid of most of them.

    biscuitkid Well-Known Member

    fuck leafhoppers

    demonhaze Well-Known Member

    I thought it was powdery mildew as well and I have the same damn problem, but I also have the little bastard leaf hoppers so idk. I just want it fixed

    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    Not powdery mildew....100% sure

    demonhaze Well-Known Member

    Well fuck, I've been removing leaves and a few buds BC of this shit smh

    swizz253 Member

    So after reading all these helpful replies, I'm thinking what ill try to do is just wash my plants with plain water or find some sort of lead wash to get rid of the stains. But yea its the strangest thing these puddles of water that show up when I've no rain or nothing only thing on my plants are leaf hoppers so that must be what its from.
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    ya they look innocent but cause bud rot and stuff months later where they hung out. garlic 1 clove per pint 450ml of water
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Fly paper.

    5150 Well-Known Member

    I knew it was different than PM. I did not find any hoppers today but I have not had any of those spots this year yet.

    Did the person who said he was going to microscope it ever get around to it? Would love to read the results of that.

    I thought Acid Rain at one point. LOL I thought you all bumped your heads saying it was hoppers.

    So what's making the white? is it the piss or what? How do the form puddles like that? Suck shit out of your plant and make a lake on your leafs?

    Rold2Tight Well-Known Member

    Been trying the yellow and blue papers for a little over a week also. I see a couple of hoppers stuck, but the FF spray I used Friday, seems to have done the job (knock on my fukin wooden head)...3 days now :eyesmoke:

    R2T :peace:

    Smidge34 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've got the hoppers and the white stuff. With that said, it has been a wet summer here and I found some brown spots on a couple of my Critical colas today and removed them carefully. Any advice short of dousing in chemical pesticides for the hoppers? I read they cause eventual burn in heavy infestations. Anyway, should I apply some kind of anti-fungal/anti-mildew spray/powder or use the lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water recipe for both the possible bud rot/white mildew or whatever the white stuff is. I'd like to see my Criticals, et al, bud a few more weeks dammit.

    I'll snap some detailed pics during the day to post tomorrow.

    swizz253 Member

    What is ff spray ? So re checked my plants today and found this bug under a leaf looks predatory like pirate bug and thatd be great since i believe they prey on hoppers? Does anyone know if this bug is a minute pirate bug or some bennie bug?
    IMAG0294.jpg IMAG0295.jpg
    cancer survivor

    cancer survivor Active Member

    burner 89 is correct. i looked at it under a microscope and it most definetely is bug EXCREMENT. took my slides to local college and the proffesor confirmed " bug poop". im treating for hoppers now!

    gunjamonster Well-Known Member

    Natria Neem Oil spray from home depot will killem dead

    burner89 Well-Known Member

    What are using to treat them? I've been using Bug X which has permethrin as the active ingredient. Seems to keep them away for a while but they always come after a few days. I have not seen any neem oil products in the stores up here.

    Rold2Tight Well-Known Member

    Sorry, got no clue re; your bug. The spray is Fox Farm Don't Bug Me, it has PYRETHRUM in it. Again, checked again this morning and no drops, no new stains and no hoppers. Maybe they move on after the first few weeks of flowering? I will spray again tomorrow and let ya know if things turn ugly. Neem oil or garlic water (I believe a clove/gal as posted earlier in this thread) should also work.

    Good luck!

    R2T :peace:
    cancer survivor

    cancer survivor Active Member

    neem oil, had it on my greenhouse shelf, think its from Agway. didnt see the bugs befor but they must only come out in my garden at night and early mornings. i show up round noon when i wake up from partrying and find wet spots that turned white! peace

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